Here For It Podcast Platform Just Celebrated One Year Anniversary And Has Already Achieved 50,000 Downloads

Award-Winning Show Is Popular For Commentary On The Mental And Sexual Health Of Black LGBT Community

Here For It Podcast is proud to announce they are celebrating one year anniversary and has already achieved over 50,000 downloads. The mission of the platform is to educate the audience about LGBT mental and sexual health and entertain along the way. The show is hosted by sex specialist @TheeSupaman and culture blogger @RonaldMatters, who utilize their vast knowledge to provide listeners with information that has impacts their lives and well-being. In just one year, the show has been named Podcasts in Color “Top 100 Podcasts of 2017” and “Top LGBT Podcasts 2017”.

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When asked what drives him Martell says, “One of my main life missions is normalizing black gay men to the world and proving that we all aren’t ultra-feminine, wig and makeup wearing, slutty, stunt queens. There’s nothing wrong with being any or all of the above, but we can make other versions of gay men mainstream and break with the current tradition.”

Here for It Podcast is a platform that provides so many benefits for the black LGBT community. The strength of the show relies very much on the commentary of the hosts, their witty episode topics and title, and the issues discussed, which usually reflects on real issues that many queer face in their daily lives. The show is also very much entertaining, making it a fun and exciting time for listeners.

“Listening to Here For It Podcast and their episodes makes my day. Their commentaries, the funny talks, and the health and sex tips are just something I found very informative, especially for men of color. It is an idea I believe has come to stay and is adding value to lives,” said James D, a fan.

Here For It Podcast’s fifty thousand downloads achievement has been featured on in 8 sex-positive podcasts listeners should have in their ear.

About Here For It Podcast

Here For It Podcast is a platform dedicated to the Black LGBT community. The award-winning show, in just one year, has received so many accolades, creating an impact among men of color, through information, education, and entertainment.

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