Her Majesty Queen Ugwunwa Ajike is going on a beautiful historic travel.

With all due respect, the Ohafia Queen for at home and abroadYour Majesty Queen Ugwunwa Ajike gave us the interview like the ray of sunshine that she is. In the sizzling busy conversations the very beautiful Her Majesty Queen Ugwunwa Ajike who is full of kindness towards her people, took a moment from her interesting schedule as an Igbo monarch and told in the interview that she is going to be travelling the entire global and she is very happy that everyone can get to know her.

Her Majesty Queen Ugwunwa Ajike did not forget to say that she has so much to do – first for the splendid Ohafia people before any other wonderful territories at home or abroad – but she is also looking forward to how everybody is going to welcome her when she is going to begin travelling the whole globe this year.

Her Majesty Queen Ugwunwa Ajike has said that she is beginning her global travel, because it is going to be certain number of years that she has been reigning as Queen Ugwunwa Ajike.

About this interesting exploration which Queen Ugwunwa Ajike is proceeding with in a few weeks, she has certainly said that she doesn’t want to just enjoy it all without making a positive impact on everybody that she is going to meet during the historic travel.

Nevertheless, as we try to find out more on the exciting voyage that Het Majesty Queen Ugwunwa Ajike has said that she is going to be taking, it was very enjoyable to know that she has targeted to travel to every single destination which is practically exciting, and the very spontaneous monarch Queen Ugwunwa Ajike couldn’t help but give us a laugh on how long it could possibly take for her to travel and enjoy every single city, village or town, which is why Her Majesty Queen Ugwunwa Ajike’s travel across the entire globe is going to be interesting and spectacular – what one may call ‘a historical exploration’ – in a few weeks.

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