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Abhi Dwivedi is an entrepreneur, mentor, creator, and explorer who has been helping businesses scale their sales since time immemorial. He has been tirelessly working on his business since he was in High School. To date, Abhi has over 17 years of experience that he puts to work every time he works with a new client, brand, or company. 

As shocking as it may sound, Abhi sold his first product when he was still a school student. He has been generating revenue ever since. Additionally, he is now the owner of two businesses that have a net worth of 7 figures each. Abhi wants to revolutionize the digital industry and bring about a positive change in everyone’s lives.

The main focus of Abhi Dwivedi has always been accessibility. He wants technology to be accessible to all. Both his businesses are focused on bridging the gap between the common folk and technology. Abhi discovered the wonders of technology at a tender age. Since then, he has been fascinated by what it can do.

All of Abhi’s work is online. Not only does he own multiple large and small businesses of his own, but he has also been focused on helping other business owners make more money. Abhi has been working closely with many businesses in scaling of their sales and marketing tactics. He wishes to generate more traction and traffic for these businesses. This will help get more sales for them.

Abhi Dwivedi also has a book to his name titled “Online Marketing Mammoth”. It is an e-book that is focused on the various marketing tactics that help small business owners generate more sales and drive more traffic. It is a step-by-step guide for every beginner who wants to upgrade their business. The book by Abhi is a must-read for anyone who’s planning to start a new business or already has one. Abhi has used simple, easy-to-follow language in his book for easy readability.

Abhi is also credited with the ownership of ReelApps, a video creation platform. It has over 35k+ members with over 2.5 Lakhs of projects created to date. This platform is helpful for all creators and digital marketers who have to create, edit, and publish videos daily. Abhi has made this platform accessible to anyone and everyone. It has numerous helpful features that make it extremely user-friendly. The platform receives the support of 18 different apps.

Abhi has created such a platform for all the marketers and owners out there. He has kept all their basic needs in mind while creating such a platform. One more platform that Abhi owns is Koincart. This is an amazing pick for businesses that struggle to sell online due to the diversity in payment modes. With Koincart, businesses can now access cryptocurrency as payment.

Both platforms have been designed to bring businesses and companies closer to their customers. It has always been Abhi’s primary goal.

Abhi Dwivedi continues to work day in and day out trying to bring an influential change through technology.

He has a sheer passion for teaching and sharing helpful marketing strategies for online businesses, product revenues and tutorials to help businesses improve their web skills. He enjoys helping folks in the online market space thrive. You should check out his YouTube channel where he has over 130 videos to his credit.

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