Helpful and Easy Ways to Avoid Being a Victim of Online Data Mining

Human society is at the peak of being internet-dependent. Everything humans need to do, the internet can help them. And it is not just an ordinary kind of help, the internet can always be a huge help to people. It’s what made physical references such as newspapers, books, radios, and televisions adjust to the high technology.

The internet’s capabilities are even more conducive now. The internet can now shop and even transact money for users. And currently, the internet’s level of efficiency is a big help as the world is still suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

But of course, in every pro, there is a con. In this case, when more and more people are being ultra dependent on the internet, online threats are doubling their time to gather valuable information from online users.

These online threats are often in the form of breachers and hackers who may try to track and steal one’s important data such as passwords, names, contact details, and banking information. This method is called data mining.

When this happens, victims of this can even lose their privacy. It could be harmful for them as their online data will be vulnerable to any third parties that are roaming around cyberspace.

And everyone should really be concerned about their online privacy because it’s not as harmless as it seems.

So, to avoid being a victim of online data mining, here are some practice that every online user must do:

  1. Use the incognito for safe browsing

Being in incognito mode means one can get away with web and app cookies that may gather information from users. Plus, this method helps lessen the user’s visibility in public web space.

  1. Change passwords more often and make it strong

It is way better to change passwords frequently so that users can get ahead of the cyberthieves. Plus, when changing passwords, make sure that the new ones are strong and difficult to decipher. Strong passwords usually have a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters- and better yet, not associated with the user (e.g., dates to remember, names of loved ones, or favorite things).

  1. Connect to a VPN

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is beneficial for online users as it adds a layer of online security. This helps anyone be anonymous on the web, so that nobody would be able to see what they did and what they are doing while browsing the internet.

A VPN also helps spoof one’s location via server locations available on a VPN tool. With this, it would be impossible for the breachers and hackers to view and record one’s online activities as the data would be gibberish and impossible to code.

So, if one is looking for a VPN that’s a perfect fit, try downloading and connecting to a free VPN app like GoingVPN.

This free VPN app has a max-speed technology, tight encryption process, and unlimited data bandwidth. These features would be extremely advantageous for online users in keeping their online data and activities secure and private.

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