Help Kickstart Sidekick by Flintu Pty Ltd

‘The Everyday Carry Phone Backup and Portable Charger’

November 16th, 2017: Great inventions usually start at finding a solution for a problem. The directors at Flintu were in a bit of a pickle when the idea for “Sidekick” was born. Lost in a strange country with battery dead phones, no communication to the outside world and no battery pack to revive their phones they started plotting and then came the trusty sidekick which is a major twist to your regular power or battery pack.

To introduce Sidekick to the world, the founders need your assistance and have started a Kickstarter campaign to garner support for the one of a kind product. You may view the campaign and all details about Sidekick on the campaign page at


The Sidekick has a revolutionary edge on the market, the beauty about it is that it is pocket sized and can be with you every day at all times simply by using it as a key chain. The other revolutionary factor about the Sidekick is that it chumps other power packs by being able to power off the grid by using the power from external batteries, size AA, C or D.  Additionally you’ll get 2 hours of charge from the built in Li-on booster cell, you may charge with a USB that automatically charges the battery of the Sidekick while charging your device, it has a fast charge switch that you may utilize in emergencies or when you just need a quick charge and lastly but very cool is that Sidekick acts as an external storage where you can store up to 64G of data on the device.

The goal for this pledge is $30,000 and you may lend your support by selecting one of the many options starting at $49 for an 8G Sidekick, $59 for a 16G, $69 for 32G, $99 for 64G or $129 for a 128GB.

You may make a pledge to receive more than one Sidekick for a friend or family members, visit to view the other pledges available. The Sidekick comes in Silver, Onyx or Gold so you have a variety to choose from.  

Support the revolution today and be one of the first to help introduce the Sidekick power pack. Sleek, elegant and trendy. 

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