Help Fund Marilyn’s GoFundMe Campaign Following Hip Surgery

On Sunday April 7th, 2018, Marilyn, (78 years old), severely damaged her hip after taking a hard fall to the ground. After being rushed to the hospital, the x-rays revealed that the ball of her hip was badly fractured, requiring immediate medical attention. Marilyn was sent to the operating room for hip replacement surgery which took up much of her available funds. At 78 years old, Marilyn lives alone and on limited income which barely covers the cost of her daily living expenses. She is now in medical debt from the surgery, and is struggling to pay off her expenses.

Marilyn is teaming up with leading fundraising website GoFundMe to help raise money online to pay off her medical bills. To date, Marilyn has raised 7 percent of her overall goal of $25,000. She faces a long road to recovery and also faces significant mounting medical expenses which she cannot pay off alone. All of the donations will go directly to Marilyn and helping her overcome her debts and continue her rehabilitation program.

“We are extremely blessed to have received the amount of charitable donations online through GoFundMe,” states Marilyn. “The support from others is very appreciated and I will keep that in mind through my long road to recovery.” This fundraiser was launched to raise awareness for Marilyn and secure donations for her recovery and future expenses. Marilyn has set a goal of raising $25,000 by the end of the 2018 year. GoFundMe is currently the only way for Marilyn to pay off her expenses.

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“We are honored to help Marilyn raise fundraising resources toward helping her recover from this devastating tragedy,” says a contributor “our hope is that Marilyn can work towards an independent future without having to worry about her medical debts” Marilyn will continue to receive therapy and medical treatment for her injury.

The stress and pain from the trauma is something no one should ever go through. Marilyn was recently released from the hospital where she is rehabilitating from the injury that required hip replacement surgery. She is partially immobile as a result and continues to receive therapy and medical treatment for her injury.

Visit, to help raise funds to pay for Marilyn’s medical bills. Every donation is appreciated and is put towards a good cause.

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