Helios Neural Network, a data distribution platform that stores and indexes data for AI using Blockchain

Blockchain presents a great opportunity for Artificial Intelligence which is challenged by access to large, quality data to produce and support real-world use cases. The solution to this multi-faceted problem could be Helios Neural Network (HNN).

Big Data has been touted as the key ingredient in solving some of the world’s most complex service problems, however, it is now presenting itself as the single largest challenge faced by organisations that seek to manage and use data to produce meaningful results. In Healthcare the systems of record are more complex and more multi-layered than any other industry. They are also lagging behind in their evolution, which creates extra effort for not only healthcare providers but ultimately patients. Similar problems exist for Autonomous Vehicles, Financial Services, and any other artificial intelligence applications.

Helios Neural Network is building a new distributed network designed to provide the next generation of AI applications with all of the data they will ever need. With their Testnet launching in December 2018, things are going to get exciting very quickly in this space.

Their design is tackling the challenges associated with the traditional approach to providing storage and compute power that in turn creates an enormous cost overhead for big data. Helios Neural Network’s platform will uplift the cost and compute payload into a distributed network via a custom built Blockchain comprised of globally distributed nodes. The nodes will be rewarded for storage and compute proportional to the contribution made into the network. Using this approach, the Helios Neural Network will not only provide computing power for researchers and AI applications but also allow access to low cost unlimited distributed storage that is catalogued, immutable, secure and anonymised.

Access into and out of the Helios Neural Network platform will be via The Helios Connect applications, which use existing industry standard protocols in Health. This ensures existing applications can leverage the power of HNN without any development on their side.

All of the distribution and control of the network is managed by custom smart contracts between the miners, data providers, and the data consumers. The Helios Neural Network will fundamentally be able to store and process any indexable data however the platform is being tailored to provide optimum performance forArtificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications. Another exciting use case has just been developed by the team for the automotive industry and this is currently being developed in their testbed.

Helios Neural Network is led by a team of accomplished digital health specialists, blockchain architects, and integration/data specialists. The advisory board comprises specialist doctors with solid health tech expertise and a CEO of a prominent automotive media entity.

More information about the platform can be found at https://www.helios.technology/.

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