Heating System Maintenance in Plano, Texas: Service Provider Shares What Most Homeowners Miss

As the cooler weather approaches, many in Texas are starting to turn on their heat to warm the house. Most of the time, people are gone for most of the day, so there is no one at home needing to keep the home HVAC running.

Heating replacement professional of Plano, Texas, Russell Pattinson is the owner of Kleen Air Services. He has some good suggestions for HVAC heat pump owners.

“Running the heat pump all days is not only wasting energy unnecessarily, it is taxing the system. Why warm a home if everyone is gone? Set a time to turn on the unit before you get home each day and before you wake up in the a.m.,” said Pattinson.

This will help the HVAC system last. Most HVAC systems last for about 10 years on average before a replacement is due. When that happens, Pattinson and his HVAC replacement team services all of Plano, TX and surrounding areas.

One thing Pattinson mentions about a new HVAC system is the technological advances. He said in part, “the SEER rating gets better and better with each year. The higher the number, the more efficient a system can be. We have units in the 20’s now.  They were in the single digits 10 years ago,” said Pattinson.

Heating system maintenance is also recommended for those in Plano – especially gas furnace tests to make sure there are no gas leaks or charks in heat exchanger. Proper maintenance can help a system last longer, but the replacement will still be necessary eventually. When it is, contact Kleen Air Services, or visit the website for information. Go to http://kleenairservices.com.

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