Healthy Gourmet Dishes Out Tex-Mex Flair With New Menu Addition

Healthy Gourmet Dishes Out Tex-Mex Flair With New Menu Addition
New Tex-Mex Enchilada dish highlights regional Texas flavor

HOUSTON – Nov 10, 2020 – Healthy Gourmet, a leading provider of chef-crafted, frozen meals, is expanding its international-flavor themed menu with a classic Tex-Mex favorite. Beginning October 19, Healthy Gourmet will offer Tex-Mex Enchiladas for immediate ordering.

Based in Houston, Texas, Healthy Gourmet’s latest menu expansion looks to local fare for its newest meal inspiration. Tex-Mex features prominently in local food scenes across the state, and restaurant-goers will find some version of enchiladas on just about every Tex-Mex menu.

“Enchiladas are really a Tex-Mex classic, so I was excited to bring this one to the menu,” said Healthy Gourmet President, Co-Founder, and head chef, Barry Fourie. “This dish actually comes from a family recipe. We use high quality ingredients, make the sauce from scratch, refry our own beans, and hand-roll each enchilada, just like we would if we were cooking for our family. You just can’t beat that handcrafted taste.”

For its authentic Tex-Mex Enchiladas, the Healthy Gourmet chefs cook up a house-made chili gravy, featuring all-natural ground beef and Healthy Gourmet’s own blend of spices and chilis, and pour it over freshly shredded cheddar that is hand-wrapped in stone ground corn tortillas. The baked enchiladas are served with Healthy Gourmet’s Spanish rice and hand-made refried beans.

Healthy Gourmet’s meals are vacuum-sealed and frozen quickly to maintain fresh flavor, nutrition, and quality. Customers can order Healthy Gourmet’s Tex-Mex Enchiladas beginning October 19 and enjoy restaurant-quality Tex-Mex in the convenience of their homes.

About Healthy Gourmet:

Healthy Gourmet brings a world of flavors to your table by creating chef-prepared gourmet meals, ordered on demand, and delivered straight to your door. Founded in 2018 by father and son team Julius and Barry Fourie, Healthy Gourmet believes that convenient food experiences should be amazing food experiences. Designed for convenience without sacrificing quality, Healthy Gourmet’’s meals arrive frozen and are ready to heat and eat in minutes. With a mission to spread joy through a passion for global flavor and an ever-expanding menu that places an emphasis on cuisines from across the globe, Healthy Gourmet is more than just food, it’s a culinary world tour for your senses.

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