Healthmonde Introduces 3 in 1 Gut Health Enzyme Formula for Improved Digestion and Wellbeing

Healthmonde announces today the launch of their scientifically formulated Digestive Enzyme + Pre and Probiotic dietary supplement (DE + P&P).  A unique 3 in 1 formula to address health concerns from the root as well as being a preventative aid.

Enzymes are vital to us. All metabolic processes in the body rely on enzymes for digestion, nutrient delivery, blood purification/detoxification, neurotransmission, and support of the nervous, endocrine and circulatory systems.

Because the modern human diet consists mostly of cooked, enzyme depleted food, our body’s ability to synthesize the quantity and kind of enzymes needed to keep us healthy and our immune systems functioning vigorously, is seriously compromised. Dr. Dick Couey, Professor of Physiology and Nutrition at Baylor University says, “I will never eat another meal without taking a plant enzyme supplement.  My body doesn’t deserve that treatment.”

Healthmonde’s formula includes the 9 essential digestive enzymes to take care of digesting all foods groups.

Stressful times, prescription drugs and antibiotics play havoc with our gut bacteria.  The next component of healthmonde’s formula, probiotics, addresses this concern. But more importantly is the incorporation of Prebiotic enhancers (Fructooligosaccharides) that help cultivate healthy probiotics and create a healthy environment in the stomach for the probiotics to thrive.

Many of the supplements for digestive health and healthy gut bacteria only have either Digestive Enzymes or Probiotics and little to no Prebiotics, even though doctors recommend taking them together as they work hand in hand to improve gut health, slow the aging process, and strengthen the immune system.

Healthmonde has gone one step further and added BioperineÒ (piperine) to their formula. According to an article published in the “Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine” in 2010, piperine has been shown to increase the absorption of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients. The article goes on to suggest that piperine may be useful for people who suffer from conditions that cause malabsorption of nutrients and people suffering from malnutrition. Bioperine maximizes the benefits of your entire supplement regimen dramatically enhancing the absorption.

All these powerful ingredients wrapped into an easy to swallow capsule DE + P&P delivers as a great supplement for overall human disease prevention, physical rejuvenation and anti-aging.

About healthmonde

Healthmonde is a privately owned health awareness company specializing in superior dietary supplements. The company’s mission is to bring awareness to people about disease prevention, physical rejuvenation and anti-aging.

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