Health, Wellness and Self-Care Expert Dr. Judy Wright Joins Global Women Speakers

Health, Wellness and Self-Care Expert Dr. Judy Wright Joins Global Women Speakers

Dr. Judy Wright, a New York City resident and educated Physician, Author, and Renowned Speaker, has joined forces with Global Women Speakers founded by Dr. Tina D. Lewis. 

Dr. Wright joined Global Women Speakers because she wanted to “partner with women visionaries who were dedicated to truly supporting the work of other women,  helping them build each other and  spread the word about their good work”

“I’m a common-sense person,” says Dr. Judy Wright, “so sometimes I look at things differently. I bring an honest opinion and encourage you in whatever direction you decide, which is really important when you join a group. You need to come together as a real community. We all do women empowerment differently. For me, it’s from an overall healthcare perspective. If you’re not ok, it’s not ok.”

Global Women Speakers, the number one platform for women entrepreneurs to share their messages, sell their products and services, and collaborate with women around the globe is headed by Visionary, Founder, and President Dr. Tina D. Lewis, with the desire “for women to be unmuted, unashamed, and unapologetic in sharing their story, providing hope and possibilities to women around the globe.”

Global Women Speakers consist of women of different races, religions, and cultures, anywhere from stay-at-home moms who are solopreneurs to seven and eight-figure entrepreneurs who’ve been in business for over 30 years, and from different countries, from the United States, the London, United Arab Emirates, India, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Kingdom, Australia, and even Singapore.

“I believe exploring the world collectively allows us to have a greater impact and a greater influence for good. It allows women of all dialects to come together with one common denominator of wanting to become more, to have more so they can give more,” says founder Dr. Tina D. Lewis.

Global Women Speakers has 5 core values (The 5 C’s):

1. Charity

Global Women Speakers give of their time, energy, knowledge, intellectual property, and resources to causes around the globe.

2. Culture

Global Women Speakers has a culture of people first, profit second. Their culture is to uplift, inspire, and educate each and every woman that they come in contact with, and to support each other, their businesses and their growth building a tribe of true sisterhood.

3. Community

Global Women Speakers members are not “like-minded” but  “like-hearted”, and share the same core values and beliefs. They embrace differences and celebrate our similarities with the philosophy of “No woman left behind”

4. Communication

Global Women Speakers express their ideas intelligibly to one another,  respect everyone’s contribution and have a zero tolerance for judgment, scrutiny or anything that is not conducive to effective dialect and strengthening the identity of each woman

5. Collaboration

Global Women Speakers believes in alignment before assignment. It is a collaboration among some of the world’s greatest – either forgotten, overlooked, or abandoned – jewels. Each and every woman who is a part of Global Women Speakers is the best at what she does. They are masters and experts in their field, but they are leaders with a huge heart. They lead with their actions rather than their words. They’re making an impact in their families, their communities, and in the world as a whole.

Dr. Wright bio: 

Dr. Judy Wright, a New York City-educated physician, author, and renowned speaker, has dedicated over two decades to holistic healthcare, stress management, and life balance. An accomplished medical director and family physician, she leverages her vast experience in academia, clinical practice, and the corporate world to guide individuals and organizations. Dr. Wright’s philosophy extends beyond mere physical health, encouraging individuals to delve deeper into understanding their needs for comprehensive well-being. She specializes in empowering women leaders, offering personalized strategies for stress management, mindset shift, and self-care, ensuring they retain control over their personal and professional lives. Alongside her medical practice, Dr. Wright co-hosts the podcast ‘Queens On Call’ and co-authored the book “Self-Care is Not a Mani-Pedi.”

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