HBM Breaking the Blockchain Industry Behemoth

As the digital economy brought by the development of blockchain technology gradually penetrates into various fields, the market’s attitude towards digital finance presents two extremes: the party that promotes it invests in R&D in technology, while the party that opposes it comes from the resistance of society at large to the digital economy.


The recent explosion of Defi has pushed global finance into the era of digital economy and has become a big hit in the blockchain field, and it is in this context that HBM was born.

HBM, an IoT and biotech + NFT + meta-universe system built on existing internet infrastructure and blockchain technology, can be used as an infrastructure platform to support the future ecology of large-scale decentralized financial applications.

Considering that while digital currencies are bringing waves of wealth, classes are gradually solidifying and not everyone has the capital to break classes to share the dividends of blockchain finance, HBM uses the world’s first blind box mining mechanism, distributed finance, to provide a strong proof of the practical utility and applicability of cryptocurrencies.

To make the widespread implementation of privacy-protected decentralized applications feasible, HBM incorporates the hottest current DeFi technology with a smart contract-enabled privacy protection system as the ultimate solution for decentralized application privacy protection, so that users need not worry about privacy leakage in the platform.

In the HBM system, the amount invested and the amount destroyed by the user are clearly stated in the blockchain, the process is highly transparent and anyone can verify that the coins have been destroyed. It is a reciprocal relationship, you are willing to come into the HBM consensus system, and it will give you rich wealth in return through consensus.

HBM is bound to spark a financial revolution, and there are endless opportunities and endless possibilities for early participants, so join early and benefit early.

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