HBCU Prep Academy Launches, Creating Path to Historically Black Colleges and Universities

HBCU Prep Academy proudly announces its official launch in Houston, Texas, marking a groundbreaking initiative aimed at guiding student-athletes to Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) through athletics. With a steadfast commitment to empowerment, excellence, and opportunity, HBCU Prep Academy is poised to redefine the landscape of youth athletics.

Mission: HBCU Prep Academy is dedicated to empowering student-athletes by providing a unique pathway to Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). Our mission is to inspire and equip young athletes to achieve academic and athletic success, while fostering a legacy of leadership and pride within the HBCU community.

Vision: At HBCU Prep Academy, our vision is to serve as a beacon of hope and opportunity for student-athletes, guiding them towards a future filled with academic excellence, athletic achievement, and personal growth. We envision a world where every young athlete has the chance to explore the transformative power of HBCUs.

Purpose: As the first youth program in the United States solely dedicated to guiding student-athletes to HBCUs, HBCU Prep Academy seeks to provide young athletes with the resources, support, and exposure needed to realize their dreams. Through athletics, we aim to cultivate a sense of pride, resilience, and determination in our student-athletes, preparing them for success both on and off the field.

Program Offerings: In its inaugural year, HBCU Prep Academy will offer a comprehensive range of athletic programs, including:

  • Middle School and High School Varsity Volleyball

  • Middle School and High School Varsity Boys and Girls Basketball

  • Band, Cheer, and Dance

Quote from Athletic Director Kevin Williams Sr.: “We are excited to bring the HBCU Experience to our youth, highlighting the rich history, legacy, and opportunities available at HBCUs. With the success of our professional basketball team, the HBCU Movement, HBCU Prep Academy serves as a vital pipeline of talent for college and professional opportunities.”

Partnerships and Participation: HBCU Prep Academy has proudly joined the Texas Christian Athletic League (TCAL) for the 2024-2028 seasons. Additionally, our teams will compete in prestigious tournaments such as the NACA National Tournament in Dayton, Tennessee, and the NBL-US Division 3 and 4 National Championships. Furthermore, our Varsity boys and girls programs will embark on international tournaments, providing invaluable exposure to our student-athletes.

Join Us: We invite young athletes and families who share our vision and passion for excellence to join us on this extraordinary journey. Together, let’s forge a path to success and create a brighter future for our student-athletes.

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