Harold Cohn, Crazy Old Man: An Anthology

The real world is a sweet, sweaty, stinky pile of poop in a brown paper bag sitting on the sidewalk baking in the hot summer sun!  Escape!  Escape from this world with Harold and venture with him into his wonderful world of the written word in his book “Crazy Old Man, An Anthology”

To learn more about the man behind the words, we sat down with him and got to hear what he had to say:

“The written word has always been something that’s caught my attention in a whole host of different ways. Whether it be an essay, a poem or a story, there’s nothing quite like picking up a pen and bringing it to life on paper. And that for me is what this book is all about — it’s a window into my world and the life I’ve had the good fortune to lead. I’ve been able to see and do some amazing things, some normal things and a few things I probably need to forget! But that’s what life is all about and I want this book to be my way of sharing it with the world. ”

The idea is to take a closer look at how one man can see a whole host of different subjects in his own unique way, without necessarily facing the constraint of having to weave them all together.

“That’s exactly right, and it’s the joy of anthologies. The only overarching theme here is that each piece has been touched by experiences and shaped by my outlook on the world. Other than that, you are left with a book that invites you to spend as much time as you please connecting with new thoughts, ideas and ways of looking at life.”

Cohn’s way of thinking is unique in this sense, which is why it’s such a pleasure to finally get the chance to connect with a book that has no pretensions. What you find are the words of a man who has loved life, continues to do so and wants to share that feeling with the world.

“For me, life is for living. You should never be told you can’t do something because of where you’re from, what you do or who you are. That’s actually the reason I chose such a distinctive title, because it just feels right. I’m the crazy old man, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. If I had settled for the status quo and decided that I couldn’t do anything, I’d have had a whole lot less to write about when I sat down and started putting this one together. Luckily I chose a different path in life, and so can anyone else.”

It’s certainly a great way to look at the world and at life, and one that we’ve enjoyed getting to hear more about.

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