Hangzhou begins construction on seven future communities

China Hangzhou recently announced that construction on seven future communities will begin this year.

In 2019, the concept of “future communities” was first included in the government report of Zhejiang province. The report said that seven residential communities in Hangzhou were to be included in a pilot program for the construction of future communities.

Designers envision the future communities to have hanging gardens on the roofs of buildings, a three-dimensional transportation network, and for all of life’s necessities to be available within a five-minute walk.

One of the seven future communities is the Shibanqiao Community, which is well-known as the birthplace of typography, invented by Bi Sheng during the Song Dynasty (969-1276). In this future community, nine aspects including neighborhood layout, education, health, entrepreneurship, architecture and transportation will be reshaped.

On Aug 25, residents and experts met to discuss how to build the Shibanqiao Community into a future community.

Lu Jun, an official in charge of construction on future communities, briefed attendees on what the future communities will look like.

According to his description, future communities will contain a large shared space. If one family has too many guests, they can make use of this space.

According to Lu, a family has to earn enough credits to make a reservation to use the shared space. Families can earn credits by participating in volunteer activities, sorting garbage, and following community regulations.

Lu said that the design scheme for future communities has been decided and construction will begin soon.

Seven future communities to be built in Hangzhou

Shibanqiao Community in Shangcheng district

Hehuatang Community in Jianggan district

Guashan Community in Gongshu district

Zhijiang Community in Xihu district

Asian Games Community in Xiaoshan district

Qicai Community in Xiaoshan district

Yunfan Community in Qiantang New Area

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