Hammerpark launches the Horoscoper app for astrology fans

Hammerpark has announced the launch of the Horoscoper app on iTunes for lovers of astrology and Tarot reading. The app, available for free download, provides in-depth daily horoscopes, tarot card fortune telling, and professional natal charts.

The Horoscoper app is perfect for all levels of astrology fans. Newcomers can start by reading the easy to understand fortune rings, learning detailed insights on their personality and gifts, and checking their zodiac compatibility with their significant other.

Veterans will enjoy Horoscoper’s professional Natal Charts, which offer elaborate information about a person’s life by considering all 10 planets and houses along with their meanings and various aspects.

Horoscoper also provides one daily free three card tarot reading which gives insights on the recent past, current situation, and future possibilities—a very helpful tool when making important life decisions!

Since the time of its launch, the app has received many downloads and gained quite a following among astrology fans.  The popularity of the app can be credited to the fact that it provides an easy way for astrology enthusiasts to check out horoscopes and other information related to astrology in an easy and highly accessible manner. It saves the hassle of looking through a newspaper for daily horoscopes or searching the internet and finding different websites for astrology. With Horoscoper, users can get all kinds of astrology information right from their mobile screens.

Based on the user’s preciselocation and celestial positions, the app manages to prepare a detailed natal chart of the user. Through the natal chart, users will be able to understand how the stars and celestial positions are affecting their life and fortunes. Horoscoper was developed in consultation with the most qualified astrologers and tarot card readers who have extensive knowledge and expertise on the subject. The app can be downloaded from iTunes.

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