Hallux Valgus Market Size & Share, Market Trends, Competitive Analysis, Market Research Report 2030 | DelveInsight

Hallux Valgus Market Size & Share, Market Trends, Competitive Analysis, Market Research Report 2030 | DelveInsight

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DelveInsight’s “Hallux Valgus Market Insights, Epidemiology, and Market Forecast-2030” report delivers an in-depth understanding of the Hallux Valgus , historical and forecasted epidemiology as well as the Hallux Valgus market trends in the United States, EU5 (Germany, Spain, Italy, France, and United Kingdom) and Japan.

Hallux Valgus is a bony bump on the side of the foot at the base of the big toe. Bunions develop slowly as pressure on the joint at the base of the big toe causes the toe to move out of place, leaning inward toward the second toe. It is a progressive foot deformity in which the first metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint is affected and is often accompanied by significant functional disability and foot pain. At a late stage, these changes lead to pain and functional deficit: i.e. impaired gait (lateral and posterior weight shift, late heel rise, decreased single-limb balance, and pronation deformity).

DelveInsight’s “Hallux Valgus Market Report 2030″ report delivers an in-depth understanding of the Hallux Valgus, historical and forecasted epidemiology as well as the Hallux Valgus market trends in the United States, EU5 (Germany, Spain, Italy, France, and United Kingdom) and Japan.

The Hallux Valgus market report provides current treatment practices, emerging drugs, Hallux Valgus market share of the individual therapies, current and forecasted Hallux Valgus market Size from 2017 to 2030 segmented by seven major markets. The Report also covers current Hallux Valgus treatment practice/algorithm, market drivers, market barriers, and unmet medical needs to curate the best of the opportunities and assesses the underlying potential of the market.

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Geography Covered

  • The United States
  • EU5 (Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom)
  • Japan

Study Period: 2017-2030

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Hallux Valgus Disease Overview

Bunions may be hereditary, as they often run in families. This suggests that people may inherit a faulty foot shape. In addition, footwear that does not fit properly may cause bunions. Bunions are made worse by shoes that are tight, fit poorly, or are too small. Bunions may also be caused by inflammatory conditions such as arthritis.

Many people do not experience symptoms in the early stages of bunion formation. Symptoms are often most noticeable when the bunion gets worse and with certain types of footwear. These include shoes that crowd the toes and/or high-heeled shoes. When symptoms do occur, they may include physical discomfort or pain, a burning feeling, redness, swelling, possible numbness, and difficulty in walking.

The DelveInsight Hallux Valgus market report gives a thorough understanding of the Hallux Valgus by including details such as disease definition, symptoms, causes, pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatment.

Hallux Valgus Epidemiology  

  • As per a study titled “Epidemiology and impact of hallux valgus: more than just bunions”, the estimated prevalence of Hallux Valgus was found to be 23% in adults aged 18 to 65 years. Also, it has been suggested that the association between Hallux Valgus and BMI differs between the genders, with a lower prevalence with increasing BMI in women but no association in men.

Key Findings

  • Hallux Valgus more commonly affects females than males.

Hallux Valgus Market Scenario

Currently, the treatment paradigm for Hallux Valgus (Bunion) is still under the clinical trials phase and there are no approved therapies for the indication.

However, various other treatment options available for Bunion include non-surgical treatments, surgical treatments management by physiotherapy. There are many operative techniques for hallux valgus correction. The decision on which surgical technique is used depends on the degree of deformity, the extent of degenerative changes of the first metatarsophalangeal joint, and the shape and size of the metatarsal bone and phalangeal deviation.

Recently, minimally invasive percutaneous techniques have gained importance and are currently being evaluated more scientifically.

The Hallux Valgus market outlook of the report helps to build a detailed comprehension of the historic, current, and forecasted Hallux Valgus market trends by analyzing the impact of current therapies on the market, unmet needs, drivers and barriers, and demand for better technology.

According to DelveInsight, the Hallux Valgus market in 7MM is expected to change in the study period 2017-2030.

Scope of the Report

  • The report covers the descriptive overview of Hallux Valgus, explaining its causes, signs and symptoms, pathophysiology, diagnosis, and currently available therapies
  • Comprehensive insight has been provided into the Hallux Valgus epidemiology and treatment
  • An all-inclusive account of both the current and emerging therapies for Hallux Valgus is provided
  • A detailed review of Hallux Valgus market; historical and forecasted
  • The report provides an edge while developing business strategies

Download free sample pages of the report: https://www.delveinsight.com/sample-request/hallux-valgus-market

Table of contents:

1. Key Insights

2. Executive Summary of Hallux Valgus

3. SWOT Analysis

4. Epidemiology and Market Forecast Flow

5. Hallux Valgus: Market Share (%) Distribution Overview at a Glance: By Country

6. Hallux Valgus: Disease Background and Overview

7. Epidemiology and Patient Population

8. Current Treatment Practices

9. Unmet Needs

10. Patient Journey

11. Key Endpoints in Hallux Valgus Clinical Trials

12. Marketed Products

13. Hallux Valgus: Seven Major Market Analysis

14. Market Access and Reimbursement

15. Market Drivers

16. Market Barriers

17. Appendix

18. Disclaimer

19. About DelveInsight

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