Halal Advisory Group Offers Halal Certification to Help Businesses Tap Into New Markets

Halal Advisory Group is pleased to help businesses increase their revenues by helping them obtain Halal certification for foods and other related products.

Toronto, ON – Specializing in Halal certification for businesses of all sizes in agriculture, meat packing and processing, food additives, nutritional foods, personal care and pharmaceuticals, Halal Advisory Group can help businesses tap into new markets and potentially increase their revenues.

Halal is a vital aspect of for those of the Muslim religion and prescribes what types of foods are permitted to be consumed. While certain types of foods can be easy to distinguish between what is and is not Halal, for other foods, supplements, drugs, and other such products, it is not always as clear.

As such, many businesses are missing out on a market segment they could otherwise attract if they were halal certified by Halal Advisory Group. Aside from those of the Muslim faith, people of all backgrounds are helping the Halal food and products industries grow and expand.

Part of this expansion is because people are discovering Halal foods and related products are actually healthier and better for them. Even though they might not be Muslim, they view Halal foods and related products as similar to purchasing organic and kosher.

Due to the strict requirements to become Halal certified, consumers know they are getting food and related products of the highest quality from those businesses with this certification. With more and more people becoming more concerned over how their food is grown, raised, and processed, it makes sound business sense to get Halal certified.

Companies that have taken the time to get Halal certified through Halal Advisory Group have seen their business increase. For some companies, not only does this mean growth in Toronto and the GTA, but also increases in sales from other businesses and private consumers throughout Ontario, Canada, and even in the United States.

Not to mention Halal Advisory Group can also help businesses obtain Halal certification for any products they export to the U.S., as they have an office in New York City. Halal Advisory Group makes obtaining Halal certification simple and easy with their effective 3-step process.

For additional information about Halal Advisory Group and the company’s Halal certification services, please feel free to visit their official website at www.halaladvisory.ca or contact a representative by phone at 877-721-4490.

About Halal Advisory Group

Halal Advisory Group was established to provide Halal certification for businesses of all sizes. The company’s headquarters in Toronto with a satellite office in New York City. Halal Advisory Group works with companies across a wide array of industry and market segments using their proven 3-step certification process to help them become leaders within their respective industries.   

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