Haier Biomedical Solutions Make Laboratories More Environmentally Friendly

Haier Biomedical laboratory products and solutions have provided the industry with the leading alternative to the scientific management of laboratory wastes, while ensuring safe, secure, efficient, and intelligent research, aiming at creating a green laboratory ecosystem. By introducing the concept of environmental protection into product design for source control, the Company ushers in a new era of green laboratories, which is not only of great significance to improving the scientific research output of medical institutions, but also reflects the social responsibility of an environment-friendly corporate.


Designed with the HC refrigeration technology, Haier Biomedical Laboratory Refrigerator operates more efficiently and can reduce energy consumption by about 50%. Also, it is manufactured with an intelligent precise temperature control system to keep the temperature uniformity within ±3°C, effectively avoiding the high energy consumption caused by large temperature fluctuations.


Laboratory Refrigerator

Provided with high-quality DC fans, a self-cooling system, and a dual-side air inlet design, Haier Biomedical Biosafety Cabinet can minimize the energy consumption down to 112W, which is 50% more energy-saving than the traditional AC fan models, and can reduce the noise down to 58dB, while ensuring the product reliability and optimum performance. In the intelligent mode, when the body sensor module detects that no one is operating in the operation area for 15 minutes, the microprocessor will automatically switch the safety cabinet to the LNS green energy-saving mode to further save energy, reduce noise, and prolong the filter service life.


NSF Series Biological Safety Cabinet

Designed to use semiconductor technology, reducing consumption effectively,take HHS-256 model as an example,Haier Biomedical Constant Climate Standard Incubator features low energy consumption (only 5 kW per day), which saves energy by up to 90% compared with the compressor-based model, low noise, small vibration, and no discharge of pollutants. Also, its intelligent PTC heating technology supports water preheating and atomizing humidification and can reduce the daily water consumption to only 120ml-320ml and eliminate the need for wastewater recovery.


Constant Climate Chamber

Designing and manufacturing the latest technological and innovative products to reduce requirement on natural resources, Haier Biomedical has also launched a variety of other energy-saving and environmentally friendly products for the laboratory scenarios, such as high-speed refrigerated micro-centrifuge and CO2 incubators, to expand from products to solutions in multiple dimensions and will continue to be the global leader in green laboratory development’s.

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