Haier Biomedical Products Installed at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Food safety management is jointly governed and operated by Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency in Canada. With branches across China, CFIA mainly engages in the implementation and management of food safety technical regulations and standards. In addition, CFIA is responsible for supervising and inspecting imported food to prevent food imported into Canada from being contaminated by any virus and to ensure food safety and market stability. Over the years, CFIA has made significant contributions to protecting national food safety and preventing the spread of pandemic viruses.

Haier Biomedical has been a partner of CFIA for many years, and as early as 2020, CFIA purchased an HYCD-282A combined refrigerator and freezer and a -30°C medical freezer from Haier Biomedical, and due the superior performance of these products, they are still working at the highest level.

Based on superior product performance and excellent customer service provided by local partners, Haier Biomedical has maintained a strong cooperation relationship with the CFIA since then, and the CFIA has re-purchased Haier Biomedical’s products many times. The DW-86L100J ULT freezer this time ordered by the CFIA is designed with VIP insulation panels and 4 layers of gaskets and can deliver a super thermal insulation performance. Together with the multiple alarm system, the unit provides multiple sample protection to ensure the validity of the samples.

In addition, the DW-86L100J ULT freezer features an HC refrigeration system, with a minimal consumption of only 5.5KW of electricity per day. It reduces the operating costs of the CFIA’s lab while providing secure storage conditions for the samples, which has been unanimously recognized by the customer.

The DW-86L100J ULT freezer has a professional appearance, and its cabinets can be stacked to save storage space. CFIA Director of the Product Purchasing Department said: “The stackable design of the DW-86L100J freezer is very user-friendly, and it is one of the important reasons to our order.”


For now, the DW-86L100J ULT freezer has been successfully installed in CFIA’s sample laboratory. In addition, Haier Biomedical’s local partners have provided CFIA with high-quality services to help solve the problems encountered by operators during use. In doing this, Haier Biomedical has provided a strong guarantee for the safe and efficient storage of samples in the CFIA’s lab.

Haier Biomedical will continue to develop international markets, explore the core technologies of products, and provide users with more scenario solutions through technology empowerment, striving to seize the technological heights in the biosafety field and enhance the voice of the brand in the industry.

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