HAGA & Prepper Groups to Host Survival Seeds Kit Giveaway from December 5-14

“The ultimate survival seeds kit for serious preppers!”
From December 5 through 14, Home and Garden America & Prepper Groups will be hosting a giveaway contest where one lucky winner will get a complete survival seeds kit.

Carson City, NV – December 5, 2017 – Home and Garden America (HAGA) is thrilled to announce another exclusive giveaway for survival enthusiasts. The said contest will run from December 5 through December 14, 2017 and will be hosted by PrepperGroups.com, a popular community for survival preppers. The prize at stake is a complete survival seeds kit for long-term disaster survival, valued at $89.99.

Built for long-term storage, the kit comes in a sturdy .30 caliber ammo vault to give extra protection to the seeds. Made from heavy duty plastic with an O-ring and a double-locking feature, the survival seeds kit can easily withstand the elements and survive the coming disasters.

Inside the kit is a resealable Mylar bag that contains 105 varieties of heirloom vegetable, fruit and herb seeds. This special bag locks out air, light and moisture which help the seeds last longer. The seeds are packed in their own individual baggies and labeled according to their specific variety, germination rate, date of package and number of seeds.

Guaranteed heirloom, non-gmo, non-hybrid and open-pollinated, the seeds are suitable for survival purposes thanks to the following qualities:

• Heirloom: these seeds are rich in history, as they were passed down for generations for at least 50 years; they produce the healthiest and best-tasting crops because they have existed before modern agriculture started the hybridization of seeds for mass production and profit
• Non-GMO: this quality means that the seeds have not been genetically modified, so they are safe for long-term consumption by prepper families
• Non-Hybrid: non-hybrid seeds will successfully reproduce the same variety of crops as their parent plants, compared to hybrids which are unstable and must be replaced every year
• Open-Pollinated: this quality allows the seeds to produce “true to type” plants year after year, making them ideal for seed saving especially for long-term survival

Each of the 105 varieties have been selected with nutrition and longevity in mind so that preppers can grow their own food whether tomorrow or 30 years from now. With an 85%+ germination success rate, even preppers who have never gardened before can easily grow the seeds.

By following the free downloadable Planting & Storing Guide that comes with the survival seeds kit, preppers can get all the planting and long-term information they need to grow and save the seeds for future use.

The complete survival seeds kit giveaway is open to participants above 18 years of age and residents of the 48 contiguous U.S. States. The contest starts on Tuesday, December 5 and will conclude the following week on Thursday, December 14 at midnight, Pacific Time.

The 105 varieties survival seeds kit will be awarded to the lucky winner within 48 hours after the announcement. To enter the giveaway, participants can simply text the word SEEDS to 33222.

More information about the upcoming giveaway contest is available at www.PrepperGroups.com.

About Home and Garden America

Home and Garden America is the gardening division of the Charles C Harmon Co LLC. The small family-owned business offers heirloom non gmo seeds for survival preppers.

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