H. Allenger’s Polyxena: A Story of Troy Praised For Enriching The Mythology-Inspired Fiction Genre

April 6th, 2020 There’s one book that’s pushing the envelope when it comes to mythology-inspired fiction, and that’s none other than H. Allenger’s Polyxena: A Story of Troy.

The book follows Polyxena, the daughter of Troy’s king Priam. Upon the kingdom’s fall, Polyxena is suddenly faced with death for having denied the advances of her captor. Polyxena then makes a plea to Aphrodite, the goddess she feels is responsible for her fate, recounting the entirety of her mission to recruit the Amazons as allies in the Trojan war, and how, upon their defeat, she found herself a captive of Achilles. A forbidden romance quickly blossoms between the two, and Polyxena tries to keep it a secret from her family upon her return to Troy. However, through treachery, her brothers find out the truth, and, as a result, both of them meet a tragic ending. The book focuses on Polyxena’s introspective journey as she looks back on the life she’s lived, and gives new dimension to famed Iliad protagonists like Helen, Priam, Paris, Cassandra, and others, who are examined in a different angle beyond that described in Homer’s epic.

In the US Review of Books 2019, Mrs. Gabriellea Tutino wrote of Polyxena“Filled with romance, political intrigue, and the violence of war, this is a fleshed-out tale that brings the myth to life… The author does a great job of keeping this suspense going until the very end.”

Reviewing the book on amazon.com, one of its readers, Mr. J. Richardson, wrote “I have high praises for this book. (…) Everything was woven all together like a dress that needed to be worn. The trials and obstacles they faced were incredible and sometimes surreal. This book had a love story in it that tugged into the deepest part of my heart. A very heartfelt story that everyone should read.”

Polyxena: A Story of Troy is available for purchase in hardcover, paperback and Kindle form on amazon.com.

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