Gwen Tells and the House of Shroom features an exciting story with an African-American girl as the protagonist

For the kids who’re a fan of Harry Potter and The Chronicles of Narnia like adventure-fantasy stories will be delighted to know that there is another exciting book in the house, “Gwen Tells and the House of Shroom”. The book, recently launched on Kickstarter features an African American girl as the protagonist who goes on an adventurous journey with his favorite stuffed panda bear. What makes it different from the others is that it’s not just another illustrated books for children, as the main character will go on an adventurous journey, with sometimes dark plot twists and thrilling situations, making it more suitable for the young adults.

The book is created by Dennis Robinson II, commonly recognizable as D2Artz, a passionate illustrator who has worked on various films and books. It is his passion to breathe whimsical stories to life through illustrations that saw him write Gwen and the House of Shroom. This art book is centered around a young girl of African American descent who one day wakes up to ridiculous accusations from her stuffed panda bear. After a heated conversation with the bear, she realizes that he is trapped in another body and agrees to help get his original body back. 

What follows is an exciting adventure into spellbinding lands and encounters with bizarre creatures but during this journey, they don’t realize that something is watching their every move. Gwen and the House of Shroom will incorporate creative writing and illustrations to make the story more exciting. The main purpose of this book is to encourage people of color to follow their dreams no matter what.

All funds collected from this Kickstarter Campaign will be used to hire an editor and for the production of hardcover copies. They will also be used to include a digital aspect to the adventures and make them more tech savvy. The most amazing thing about this whole project is that the story is already complete and the illustrations are almost done. All that’s left is the production process which will be made possible through the donations. Rewards will be given to the backers based on the amount of their donation and range from Gwen Tells stickers, coloring book, t-shirt, digital copy or a physical copy. 

The creative process of creating an art book can be exciting but also difficult especially when done alone. It is for this reason that D2Artz could use donations to make the process a little smoother. Should any mishaps leading to a delay in production occur, all backers will be made aware. 

Illustrative art books are often a child’s favorite and finding one that actually incorporates people of color is equivalent to hitting a gold mine.

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