Gwawr Edwards releases her new single BLUE JAY & RED CARDINAL, with international collaborations

Singer Gwawr Edwards has announced the release of her new pop classical song, named ‘BLUE JAY & RED CARDINAL’ which features the work of other international artists. The song is written by the international lyricist MosiDorbayani from Canada, composed by Maestra Marta Bellido from Argentina, and played live in studio by stellar musician from Buenos Aires and Toronto and it is recorded by Soprano Diva, Gwawr Edwards, the vocal star from Wales, UK.

The inspiration to create this song was a true story of the lyricist seeing birds’ interaction in the nature and that how love can be seen in the rhythm of the nature. This romantic song not only portrays birds, nature, and love, but also it corresponds a beautiful message to appreciate life, simplicity, nature and above all, ‘to treasure moments with the loved ones’.

The beautiful scene of the nature took the lyricist to the lanes of childhood memories, where the happiness was found in simplest of things.While, Blue Jay is known to represent faithfulness and determination, the Red cardinal represents passion and warmth.

The lyricist chooses classical music and Soprano singer for this project as he was inspired by the ‘musical act of the nature’. Gwawr Edwards is one of the leading singers in Wales, UK. Born in a farming family, she was culturally nurtured in the rich Eisteddfod tradition which inspired her in her future career.  Having a father who was also a popular concert tenor, a sister who is an accompanist she started performing live music from a very young age. She took part in the first concert tour of America at the age of eleven, along with her father and sister, playing the harp and piano duets.

She has performed internationally while touring the states, travelling to Asia, South America, and Europe. She has a degree in music from the royal Welsh College of music and drama in Cardiff. She also studied at The Conservatorio Statale di Musica ‘Giuseppe Verdi’ in Turin, on an Erasmus Exchange and the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London where she gained a first class Master’s degree, under the aegis of Yvonne Kenny.

In addition to the immense vocal skills of Soprano Edwards, the song is the combined effort of renowned talents in the music industry such as Lyricist MosiDorbayani’s whose five of new songs got nominated for 2016 ‘Hollywood Music Awards – HMMA’ and the composer Marta Bellido, who has been part of some of the most popular theatres, composing several songs

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