GUYAAC’s Line Set Covers: The Essential Accessory for the Air Conditioning System

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GUYAAC, a leading decorative air conditioning fittings provider, has introduced a new product that will transform the look of any air conditioning system. Homeowners can now easily achieve a polished and professional appearance for their air conditioning system with GUYAAC’s mini split line set covers.The product ingeniously contains and protects refrigerant pipes while keeping piping organized and creating a clean external appearance. With infinite combinations of kit, any DIY work can make the house appear chic.

GUYAAC’s lineset covering is easy to install, making it possible for homeowners to achieve a polished look in no time. The product is made from ultra-durable PVC plastic material and comes in a paintable white color that is compatible with most air conditioning brands. The covers are designed to fit most mini-split systems with 9000 BTU and 12000 BTU capacities, as well as some 18000 BTU capacities.

The air conditioning line set cover is an essential accessory for homeowners who want to keep their air conditioning system looking good and functioning at its best. The cover kit provides an excellent solution to the common problem of unsightly refrigerant pipes and tubing. The product can transform old and worn-out pipes into a brand new look that matches the aesthetics of any room.

In addition to line set covers, GUYAAC also offers an AC unit stand, which provides a sturdy base for the air conditioning unit while also protecting it from outdoor elements. The stands are made from high-quality materials and are designed to provide optimal support and stability.

To further enhance the durability and stability of the air conditioning system, GUYAAC also offers pipe braces. These braces provide additional support to the refrigerant pipes and prevent them from sagging or bending under the weight of the unit.

“We are delighted to introduce our Air Conditioning Line Set Cover, which offers homeowners a high-quality and durable solution to the problem of unsightly refrigerant pipes. Our product is easy to install and can transform any air conditioning system into a sleek and professional-looking unit. With our line set covers, AC unit stands, and pipe braces, homeowners can enjoy a fully-functional and aesthetically pleasing air conditioning system,” said a GUYAAC representative.

Shanghai Guya Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd. (GUYAAC) is a leading provider of air conditioning decorative fittings, offering innovative solutions that enhance the functionality and appearance of air conditioning systems. With a focus on quality and durability, GUYAAC’s products are designed to meet the needs of homeowners who want to maintain a professional and polished appearance for their homes. The Air Conditioning Line Set Cover is just one of the many products offered by GUYAAC, and the company remains committed to providing practical and stylish solutions for homeowners. For more information, please visit

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