Guloor Explains About Bleach Knots

Guloor Explains About Bleach Knots

The leading hair piece manufacturer in China, Guloor, gladly explains about bleach knots. Guloor has been in the wig production industry for more than 20 years. It has been in the game exactly for 26 years. Recently, the hairpiece warehouse was more than glad to share information about bleach knots. The representative of Guloor started to explain, “The hair system is a base structure of hair knotted by human hands. There are many kinds of knots, such as single knots, double knots, half knots, and many others.”

Each knot has its own features. Some look more natural, some are stronger, and some can make various hairstyles. But all knots have a knot on the surface of base. Humans’ natural hair grows up from the scalp. So that there are no black dots on the scalp. Some people want to make the hair system more like their own hair so that they decide to bleach their knots with a lighter color.

And this is what is called bleach knots. Many people like to have the front area’s knots to be bleached, while some others like to have the crown area or all heads to be bleached. Bleach knots indeed make the hair system look more natural. However, it can also damage the hair, making it easy to fall. It also shortens the longevity of the hair system.

The representative of Guloor said, “Due to the drawbacks of bleach knots, we usually only bleach the front area. If our customers have blonde hair, we will not bleach it at all.” The representative added, “Do not bleach knots by yourself. Because if you bleach too much, you will damage your hair. Or if the bleaching time is not long enough, the color will not change.” So, it is better to leave it to a professional hair stylist.

Guloor is a Chinese hair production base headquartered in Qingdao. It is a professional manufacturer specialized in producing all kinds of hair products. The representative of Guloor mentioned, “We have been in the wig production industry for 26 years. Throughout that time, we have been producing a lot of high-quality hair replacement systems, including Jewish wigs, hair extensions, toupees for both men and women, and many other products.”

Guloor has well-trained, professional, experienced teams and staff. They are more than capable of producing and designing hair products with various styles. Guloor’s products are exported across the globe, including to Swiss and Germany.

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