Guided hiking tours now offered in the San Bernardino Mountains

Local blogger and wilderness expert, Amber Woodyard is now offering guided hiking tours all over the Big Bear Valley and beyond…

Big Bear Lake, CA – September 8, 2020 – Local blogger and wilderness expert, Amber Woodyard is now offering guided hiking tours all over the Big Bear Valley and beyond…

  • Local wilderness expert, Amber Woodyard is hosting guided hiking tours all over the San Bernardino Mountains.
  • These tours are great family-friendly day trips to see some of the most scenic sights in Big Bear Lake.
  • Booking a hiking tour with a local tour guide in Big Bear, CA is a great way to go to less crowded trailheads and locals usually know the most scenic wilderness places.
  • Besides the usual hiking tours, Amber Woodyard also offers sunset tours with champagne on a boat, snowshoe tours in the winter and tours to see the regions wild burros up close.
  • Booking a hiking tour is a great way to celebrate an anniversary, propose to a loved one, our a chance to take family photos in a scenic location.
  • This local hiking tour guide also works with a local photographer if you wish to book a package and take engagement photos or scenic family photos.

In these wacky days of COVID-19 Big Bear Lake is the most visited day trip in all of California. But what do you do when you reach the azure blue waters of Big Bear Lake? You may be a nature lover and an avid hiker but where do you go hike in this national forest chock full of scenic trails. Now a local hiking guide, Amber Woodyard, can take you and your loved ones on guided hikes bookable through her website

Nature guides like Amber Woodyard are now available in the Big Bear Valley to take you and your family on a scenic walk, tour or hike into some of the most beautiful wilderness in the San Bernardino Mountains. You can book these guided treks through her website,

Local nature guide Amber Woodyard says “Even snow tours and snowshoeing guided walks are available in the winter months perfect for the whole family. It’s so easy to get outside and enjoy the snowy mountain trails in the winter with a guide leading the way so you don’t get lost”.

The Hungry Mountaineer hiking guide has decades of experience hiking and snowshoeing all over the San Bernardino Mountains and knows the best and most scenic trails for every season. Looking to take engagement or family photos? The Hungry Mountaineer can take you and your loved ones on the most scenic trails away from the crowds and other tourists.

Did you know Amber Woodyard; the Hungry Mountaineer is actually an ordained minister and can actually help you elope at one of the most scenic sites in all of the Big Bear Valley? This experienced hiking guide also works with a local photographer if you are interested in booking a package and having your trip to Big Bear captured on film.

A unique locals hiking tour of the San Bernardino National Forest is the best way to see what the wilderness of Big Bear Lake has to offer. Big Bear Lake is only a two-hour drive from Los Angeles and it’s a beautiful place to visit for a day trip or a week-long getaway.

Now in the days of COVID-19 so many people are leaving the packed city’s, buying a mountain bike and renting a long term Airbnb in the forests. But what do you do once you reach the alpine studded trails? Book a hike through and a friendly hiking guide and can show you all the best-hidden locals hikes in this wilderness so close to the metropolis of Los Angeles. Hidden lakes only the locals know about, herds of wild donkeys leftover from the Gold Rush and the most majestic places to watch the sunset over Big Bear Lake are all popular guides hiking tours the Hungry Mountaineer offers. Many of these hikes are kid-friendly and great for families.

Now that autumn is fast approaching the Hungry Mountaineer offers an autumn fall color tours to see the best of the black oak trees changing colors throughout the Big Bear Valley. The Hungry Mountaineer has been leading hikers on wilderness tours for the last five years and knows all the most scenic trails in this pine-filled forest. Many hikers come back every season to go snowshoeing or interact with the famous Big Bear burros. No matter what your vacation plans to Big Bear Lake entail, Amber Woodyard aka the Hungry Mountaineer offers outdoor events the whole family can enjoy.

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