Guardianship Attorney Christine Matus Unveils Comprehensive Article on ‘Guardianship in New Jersey’

Guardianship Attorney Christine Matus Unveils Comprehensive Article on 'Guardianship in New Jersey'

Guardianship attorney Christine Matus, from The Matus Law Group, has recently published an enlightening article on ‘Guardianship in New Jersey’. The article stands as a valuable resource for caregivers, family members, and potential guardians, providing a detailed understanding of the guardianship process in New Jersey.

Guardianship attorney Christine Matus, with her years of practice in the field, elucidates the intricacies of guardianship law, its implications, and the legal responsibilities that come with it. The article serves as a comprehensive guide on the subject, breaking down the complex law jargon into tangible steps that lawyers and individuals can easily comprehend and follow.

The law not only delves into the definition of guardianship but also covers the circumstances under which it becomes necessary. “Guardianship is the legal process by which the court appoints a guardian to care for and make decisions for an incapacitated person,” explains guardianship attorney Christine Matus. She further clarifies that guardianship could be required for an elderly individual, a special needs family member coming of age, or a minor without parental care.

Quoting directly from the article, Matus states, “Because guardianship removes a person’s fundamental right of self-determination, it is always considered a last resort solution.” She emphasizes the gravity of the responsibility that comes with guardianship, stressing the importance of understanding and complying with the legal guardianship requirements involved.

The article also sheds light on who can become a legal guardian in New Jersey, the process of selecting a guardian, and the annual review to assess the continued need for guardianship. It provides valuable insights on the role of a guardian in managing the affairs of an elderly or incapacitated family member and the process for parents to retain legal guardianship of a special needs child turning 18.

Rounding off the comprehensive guide, Matus provides insights on the role of a guardianship attorney, explaining how they can advise and guide family members considering guardianship of the person through this process. “A guardianship attorney can advise and help guide family members who are considering guardianship through this process,” she shares.

In a new section added to the article, Matus also touches upon elder law and Medicaid. She explains how elder law attorneys can assist individuals who are applying for Medicaid while they are seeking legal guardianship. This is important as it can help secure the financial future of the incapacitated person.

As the article wraps up, it becomes clear that the guardianship process, while complex, can be navigated smoothly with the right guidance and understanding. The Matus Law Group, with its compassionate and experienced team of guardianship attorneys, stands as a reliable resource for anyone seeking to understand the nuances of guardianship in New Jersey.

Drawing from the article, it is evident that the Matus Law Group goes above and beyond in their commitment to guiding clients through the legal labyrinth of guardianship. It is their dedication to client service, combined with their deep understanding of guardianship laws, that makes them an outstanding resource in this field.

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The Matus Law Group is a renowned law firm based in New Jersey that is committed to providing comprehensive legal guidance on a wide array of practice areas. With a particular focus on guardianship law, the firm boasts an experienced team of attorneys who are well-versed in the legal complexities of guardianship in the state. Complementing their work in guardianship, The Matus Law Group also offers counsel on estate planning, special needs law, and more, ensuring their clients have access to a broad spectrum of legal services.



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