Guacamole King Introduces Fresh Artisan Guacamole To Southern California Market

Guacamole King proudly announced the opening of their Manufacturing Facility that makes Handcrafted Premium Quality Guacamole to the southern California market. They produce a wide range of healthy products like Guacamole, Salsa and Non Gmo Tortilla Chips Fried in 100% Avocado Oil. Their products are made with the Freshest Ingredients that make for the best tasting products.  At Guacamole King, their products are packaged in different sizes to meet the need of their customer. Click here to know more about their pricing.

Their guacamole is 100% fresh, with no artificial ingredients and is made chunky the way it should be. Are you having a big party or you love the taste of guacamole, visit guacamole king today and be assured that you won’t be disappointed. Their tortilla Chips are cooked in 100% avocado oil which makes it unique and different from many tortilla chips in the market.

Guacamole King Products are made with fresh ingredients of the highest quality with no artificial preservatives or additives. They don’t just specialize in making Guacamole, they specialize in Handcrafted Premium Quality products. As part of Guacamole King effort to ensure the best quality, they produce a limited quantity of guacamole on a daily basis, and you can contact them 72 hours in advance for large orders. There is free Delivery for orders with a minimum purchase of $200.00, and the offer is valid only if a customer is within a 10 Mile Radius and is based upon demand availability for that day.

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About Guacamole King

Guacamole King is a family owned business that strives to make the freshest products. The company was started with a dream to bring fresh, handcrafted guacamole to customers table.

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