GS Housing Group 2023 Work Summary And 2024 Work Plan International Company

At 9:30 am on January 18,2024, all the staff of the international company opened the annual meeting with the theme of “enterprising” in the Foshan factory of Guangdong Company.

1、Work summary and plan


The first part of the meeting was started by Gao Wenwen, the manager of the manager of the East China region, and then the North China office manager, the overseas office manager and the overseas technology department manager respectively outlined the work in 2022 and the overall plan of the sales target in 2023. After that, Fu, general manager of the International Company, made a detailed analysis and report on the overall operating data of the company in 2023. He gave a thorough analysis of the company’s performance over the past year from five key dimensions: —— sales performance, payment collection status, production costs, operating expenses and final profit. Through chart display and data comparison, Mr.Fu made all participants clearly and intuitively understand the actual operation situation of the international company, and also revealed the development trend of the company and the challenges and problems in recent years.

Mr.Fu said that we have spent the extraordinary year of 2023 together. In this year, we not only paid close attention to the major changes on the international stage, but also devoted a lot of efforts to the development of the company in our respective positions. Here, I express my heartfelt thanks to you! It is with our joint efforts and hard work that we can have this extraordinary year of 2023.

In addition, President Fu also put forward a clear strategic goal for the next year.  and told all the staff to maintain the fearless and enterprising spirit, jointly promote the rapid development of Guangsha International in the industry, further enhance the competitiveness and market share of the enterprise, and strive to make Guangsha International become the industry leader. He looks forward to everyone working together to create greater brilliance in the New Year.

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In 2024, we will continue to learn from aspects such as risk control, customer needs and mentality, and company profit margins to promote the company to achieve greater success in the new year.

2: Sign the 2024 Sales Task manual

International employees have formally committed to new sales tasks and actively moved towards these goals. We are convinced that with their tireless efforts and dedication to their work, international companies will achieve remarkable results in the New Year.

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At this key strategy meeting, GS Housing International Company actively carried out in-depth business analysis and summary work, aiming to continuously improve its own strength and refresh a new high performance. We firmly believe that in the new round of enterprise reform and strategic development in the future, GS will seize the opportunity with a forward-looking vision, innovate and upgrade its business model, and take this as an opportunity to enter a new stage of development. Especially in 2023, the company will take the Middle East market as a breakthrough point, comprehensively layout and expand the international market territory, and is committed to creating more excellent brand influence and market share on the global stage.

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