Growth Agency, FYAMI, Launches A Complete CTO and CMO Solution For Startups And Small Business Owners

January 13, 2020 – Leading Marketing and technology consultancy, FYAMI, proudly announce the launch of their new service, The One Package™. The One package is a monthly subscription package aimed at entrepreneurs, startups, those who are self-employed people, contractors, consultants, and small businesses. The One Package™ is a complete CTO and CMO package that gives business owners access to cutting-edge expertise on how to achieve their marketing and technology goals. 

Technology is disrupting every industry, consistently exposing weaknesses in the business strategies of those organizations that do not move with the times and creating great opportunities for growth for those who do. Even traditionally non-technical companies are starting to use modern technologies to attract new customers or keep their existing clients happy. Having a result-oriented CTO and CMO in a team can make such a significant impact on sales and overall business performance, helping the company stay competitive and relevant. 

“Our passion for helping businesses grow has endeared us to the heart of many businesses over the years. We believe that the level of disruption in the market today necessitates the need to have a CTO/CMO with the sole responsibility of immersing a company’s marketing into the relevant technological solution to both drive new growth and engage with existing customers,” says Faye Eldridge. 

She says further, “Our latest service, The One Package™, means you do not have worry about hiring a full-time CMO and CTO in your office. We work with you, thereby helping you cut costs and, at the same time, help you strategize and implement effective marketing strategies and coordinating your business technologies as well.”  

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For businesses used to taking a bootstrap approach, hiring a CTO may seem like an unnecessary luxury. But with technology, now one of the critical drivers of growth, corporate technology inclusion goes hand in hand with any growth strategy. For startups, entrepreneurs, and small business owners working with a seasoned expert at a fraction of the cost would be a game-changer for their business, and this is what The One Package™ helps bring to the table. 

About FYAMI 

Faye is the founder of FYAMI, and she has over 10+ years’ experience in marketing and business development. Most of her career has been spent in the Technology & Finance sectors, during which time she has worked with and helped startups, SMEs, and blue-chip companies, including Thomas Cook, Microsoft, Fortinet, Nokia, Tmobile (EE), Bank of New York, Barclaycard and American Express. Some of these have gone on to win awards and gone from a £1 startup to £m+ turnover.

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