GrowLimitLess Launches Unified Crypto Interface to Enable Sending Crypto Over Phone or Using Email IDs, IDO Announced

GrowLimitLess Launches Unified Crypto Interface to Enable Sending Crypto Over Phone or Using Email IDs, IDO Announced
GrowLimitLess is building the world’s first unified crypto interface – a protocol for the future with one and only vision, mass adoption of digital currency.

When it comes to making actual crypto payments, some basic issues bog down users. Like long addresses, impossible to remember, the fear of sending a payment to a wrong address, making small mistakes and losing money to unknown identities, and so on. GrowLimitless is pleased to present the Unified Crypto Interface, a payment platform that allows sending crypto to phone numbers and email addresses. 

The IDO for GLL native tokens has been announced with a 25% pre-sale bonus. Interested users can sign up here as early bird :

“Our solution is simple – your phone number or email is tokenized on the blockchain, thus forming the world’s first unified crypto interface! High gas fees? No issues, we use the very low-cost Kardiachain to process all transactions,” said a spokesperson for the project.

GrowLimitless has created the Unified Crypto Interface to make sending and receiving crypto simpler. Here is how it works – the user downloads the wallet and links it to their phone number or email ID. A verification is done through OTP. The user can then start using their phone / email or a QR code to start receiving payments.

The UCI interface can be used by both individuals and business entities, and cross border payments. The payments are instant and consume very low fees as the solution is built over the Kardiachain network. The top cryptos currently supported are USDT, KAI, ETH and other tokens listed on Kardiachain. The native token of GrowLimitless is the GLL token.

GrowLimitless app at a glance:

  • Connect multiple wallets

  • Send crypto to phone number or email ID 

  • Verified ownership of wallet on blockchain with KYC and OTP security

  • Low gas fees, no problems with unsupported network based crypto sending

GrowLimitless is the world’s first unified interface, and allows integration with other payment dApps. The user’s transactions generate an audit report that can be used to comply with local regulations. The transactions can be reported through an API for audit. 

The monetization strategy of GrowLimitless includes fees on transactions as a component of gas used, in-app promotions, API-based direct revenue, revenue from invoice payments, and direct revenue from integration with other apps such as Shopify or Salesforce.

The future roadmap for this year includes mobile app development for Android and iOS, multi-chain integration, payment gateway API, Escrow platform initiation, launch of mobile apps and massive marketing campaigns along with AMA sessions.

GrowLimitless is offering 50 GLL tokens (to both parties) for referring friends and network to register their phone or email ID with the app. To know more, please visit the dApp:

For updates join their Telegram Channel : and follow Twitter @gll_app and Medium @growlimitless

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