Grow Grow, the 3D interactive plant growth process app with Augmented reality feature is now available for pre-order

Grow Grow is the newly launched innovative app with augmented reality feature that helps the kids in learning about the growth process of plants, fruits, and vegetables. The 3D interactive app, now available for Pre-order through its official website offers smart learning in English and Chinese languages.

Grow Grow is one of its kind app that promotes learning while having fun. It provides experiential learning to the kids so that they can see it themselves and remember it for a long time. The app is complemented by an AR/3D smart learning early education card that uses the latest augmented reality technology with amazing 3D animation to stimulate plant’s growth process.

Using this app, the parents can show their kids the growth process of a plant in an eye-catching 3D animation. It displays the various growth stages right from when it’s a seed till it sprouts flowers and eventually bears fruits. The app allows the kids to interact with the content provided and learn in a fun manner. The Chinese broadcaster voice record feature can also help the kids in learning Chinese languages.

The cards assist the kids to have an overall observation of plant growing process and watch the colors of the flowers, a number of petals it has, where it grows and more. They can observe this with their friends and have a group discussion to learn better. After learning, the kids are also asked to draw the plants they observed so that they can have a visualized perception of what they know.

The parents can enjoy this app with their kids while sharing their knowledge and experiences. By providing an ultimate interactive experience, the app helps the parents and children in connecting and has a good time together. Grow Grow also comes with exciting and fun games to make the kid’s learning time even more interesting. One of the games includes the fight between the vegetable team and fruit team. The kids can attack and defend by pressing the imaginative buttons on the cards and powerful tricks can also be used in important moments.

Some of the common tools included in these cards are rotating, resizing, photograph, sharing and so on.  The app allows the users to click pictures with the virtual plans and share it on social media. The developers of this app are continuously striving to make further improvements in the app and add more features. They invite the parents around the globe to support the project and bring this interactive learning experience home for their kids. More information about Grow Grow can be found at their Indiegogo page.

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