GrillMance Runs Fundraiser Campaign On Kickstarter For The Innovative AccuGrill System

Grillmance, LLC launches a fundraiser campaign on Kickstarter for their advanced AccuGrill System.

Grillmance, the family venture by the father and sons team of Mat, Dan and Andrew aims to launch their flagship, patent-pending AccuGrill System which will be funded through a campaign on Kickstarter. The innovative grill accessory will help cooks see the cooking process without losing the all-important indirect heat.

“We want to bring joy to your grilling experience and that has led us to create this amazing and innovative grilling system,” says Dan Normand who has over 30 years of experience in of product development and has launched several novel new products to date. “The unique grill can be used for manipulating indirect heat to create a slow and low heating environment. You can see the food cooking and place pans on the grill without having to close the hood.”

The fundraising campaign for AccuGrill System on Kickstarter has a target of $20,000 and the deadline is July 28, 2017. The incredible invention as Grillmance loves to call it comes with a string of unique features.

The 15-inch AccuGrill as well as all its accessories are made of high quality brushed stainless steel. It comes with AccuGram, a personalized monogrammed nameplate and also has an integrated bottle opener. The system also incorporates a unique flame proof heat resistant AccuMint which is a high quality heat resistant grill mint with magnetic holders.

According to the developer team, the AccuGrill System also has the innovative AdduTemp – a duel probe, Bluetooth enabled temperature monitor integrated with AccuLite, a powerful LED light with a flexible neck. In other words, AccuGrill includes everything that cooks will ever need for a great grilling experience. In fact, it is the only grill accessory they will ever need for life.

AccuGrill System has been designed to enhance the quality of food cooked on the grill by incorporating innovative elements. The system not only makes cooking simple and efficient but is also easy to handle and use. With AccuGrill, cooks can actually see the food being cooked and also allows them to do tasks on the grill without having to close the hood. The innovative grill has been designed to create a low and slow cooking environment where the delicate flavors and tastes are retained to create dishes that are truly delicious and authentic.

Dan Normand points out that adding AccuGrill System to the existing grill handle does not affect the functionality of the grill. In fact, it only enhanced the results and helps users cook great grilled dishes every time.

About GrillMance:

GrillMance is the creation of the father and sons team of Dan Normand, Matt and Andrew. Dan has a reputation for creating products that are unique and of high value. AccuGrill System has been developed after two years of extensive research. Dan and his team confabulated with hundreds of barbeque experts and grill food aficionados before creating this wonder product. A live fundraising campaign is currently running on Kickstarter for AccuGrill System.

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