Gregory Gebhart launches GoFundMe Campaign for his Lifetime of Work!

An Inspiring True Story About Two Lifetimes of Struggles with Bipolar Disorders: Now Seeking Generous Donations!

2 Lives in 3 Acts: A True Story is a story of a life full of struggles written by Gregory Howard Gebhart. With his wife passing away from illness, the author also struggled all his life with serious illnesses and with this book, he has captured his reflections on a higher power. In 1965, when Gregory was in fifth grade, he first began to experience mood swings that later changed his life and his aim is to share his experiences with the world.

Gregory Gebhart went through physical and emotional ups and downs throughout his life. His illnesses caused him to lose a number of jobs and he was devastated at many times. Despite being an MBA, he had to surrender a lot of things in life. This book concludes with his thoughts on the Holy Scripture and the universe and has a little more than 100 pages covering candidly his experiences. Now he wants to inspire the next generations and is seeking generation donations on Go Fund Me for this book, welcoming everyone to support him.

The Go Fund Me Campaign is located on the web at: and the campaign page explains all aspects of Gregory’s work and this project. The ailing author has made an appeal to everyone for contributing to this project with donations because he believes that he can help the future generations before he departs this world.

About 2 Lives in 3 Acts- A True Story

2 Lives in 3 Acts: A True Story is a lifelong work of Gregory Gebhart, an American author from St. Louis, Missouri who has penned down his lifetime of experiences of ups and downs that he faced as a child and as a grown up. Gregory has shared his thoughts and observations of the higher power and divinity and he is now seeking generous donations from around the world at Go Fund Me.

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