Greetings from the North Pole: A Letter from Santa Claus by Robin Jones Now on Amazon

Greetings from the North Pole: A Letter from Santa Claus by Robin Jones Now on Amazon

Will your Holidays be merrier if you receive a mail from Santa? It might be!  Author Robin Jones released a book titled, Letters from Santa Claus. The book imparts a caring attitude toward others, hope and features a Christmas setting.

The story follows a five- year- old boy named Robin, who in the winter of 1949, succumbed to pneumonia and nursed by the good doctors and nurses of Toronto hospital. His father brings hope to the sick child by reading him stories at night while trampled with work duties during the daytime.

In a hope to bring back his healthy self in time for Christmas, Robin’s father reads a special mail from the North Pole, giving him a full grasp of the finest things, they do in preparation for Christmas.  Meet the Santa, Rudolph, and all the other reindeer and elves who have their hand’s full packing up the gifts to be delivered for Christmas morning.

The book comes alive with colorful illustrations of exciting scenes on every page, making it a delightful story not just for young readers and also for the rest of the family.

Will these heart-warming letters from Santa be just what Robin needs to get better? The answer will be revealed when everyone gets a copy of “Letters from Santa Claus.” Purchase it through Amazon, $3.49 (Kindle) and $9.99 (Paperback)

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About the Author

ROBIN is the middle child of five. He has three sisters and a brother. He is from a mixed heritage family. His father had a first nations mother and a west Indian father. His grandfather was the first black teacher in Toronto in 1923. His great, great grandfather was a slave from Gambia (Africa) and was smuggled up through the United States via the Underground Railway to Ontario in the 1800s. His mother is Irish heritage. He tries to write a poem and to meet a new person everyday when possible. Robin now resides in Victoria British Columbia and loves to return home to Toronto, Ontario where his roots and family are.

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