Greenwich Child Custody Lawyer Heidi L. De la Rosa Sheds Light on Connecticut Custody and Visitation Considerations

Greenwich Child Custody Lawyer Heidi L. De la Rosa Sheds Light on Connecticut Custody and Visitation Considerations

Greenwich child custody lawyer Heidi L. De la Rosa ( from McConnell Family Law has recently published an insightful article detailing the ‘8 Factors Connecticut Courts Consider for Custody and Visitation.’ The article serves as a vital resource for parents navigating the complexities of child custody within the state’s legal framework, offering clarity on what the courts weigh during these often emotionally charged proceedings.

The Greenwich child custody lawyer elaborates on the key distinctions between legal and physical custody, emphasizing the state’s preference for joint legal custody to ensure that both parents remain involved in the important decisions of their child’s life. Physical custody arrangements can vary, with joint custody not necessarily implying equal time spent in each parent’s home but rather significant time with both.

In the heart of the article, the Greenwich child custody lawyer provides a thorough breakdown of the Connecticut General Statute §46b-56(c), which outlines the factors considered by family courts when determining the best interests of the child. These factors include the ability of a parent to understand and meet the needs of the child, the willingness to promote a positive relationship with the other parent, the stability of the parent’s living situation, and the desires of the child, among others.

Heidi L. De la Rosa, in her own words, states, “Understanding the nuances of these factors is critical in presenting a case that aligns with one’s child’s best interests. McConnell Family Law is committed to guiding individuals through this process with the sensitivity and individualized attention it deserves.”

The article also tackles challenging scenarios such as when a child may refuse visitation with a parent. De la Rosa explains that while there is no set age in Connecticut for a child to legally refuse visitation, the courts will consider the child’s preference alongside their age, maturity, and intellectual capability. She emphasizes that the child’s well-being is always the priority, even if it conflicts with their stated preferences.

Parents are encouraged to craft their own custody agreements, which the courts will review for alignment with the child’s best interest. For those facing visitation refusal or enforcement issues, the article underscores the importance of seeking guidance from a seasoned Greenwich child custody lawyer.

The article is an essential read for parents entangled in custody disputes, offering a thorough understanding of the legal landscape surrounding child custody in Connecticut. With a focus on the child’s welfare and the professional insight of the McConnell Family Law Group, parents can navigate these trying times with confidence and peace.

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