Greenway Commerce Announces One-Day Cannabis Business BootCamp

Hosts potential cannabis businesses to educate them on how to start a successful venture

Sacramento, CA – Greenway Commerce, California’s top business consulting firm for the cannabis industry, is proud to announce their Cannabis Business BootCamp. The event will be taking place on Saturday, January 20th, 2018, from 9 am PST. Greenway will be hosting cannabis entrepreneurs, with the aim of educating them on how to start a cannabis business. Participants will also learn about licensing and permitting, insurance, compliance, marketing and advertising, cannabis business regulations, legal counsel, etc.

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Greenway Commerce is a one-stop solutions company for the cannabis industry. We started providing consulting in 2015 and have since ‘branched out’ services to accommodate more ideas. The purpose of this event is to make it easier for people who want to get into the cannabis industry to get all the details they need to establish a business that will grow and succeed. Collectively, we know everything there is to know about cannabis, and we are ready to use our knowledge to make your business succeed.

For people trying to start a business in the cannabis industry, it is challenging to get everything right. There are so many things to deal with licensing, permits, etc., all of which need to be handled professionally. The Cannabis Business BootCamp will provide resources, information, and knowledge base, which will help entrepreneurs start and manage a successful cannabis business anywhere.

Greenway Commerce’s cannabis business seminar is a one-day crash course for industry professionals. It comes with course workbook, cities/counties status list, and lunch. Participants will have the opportunity to network with professionals and other businesses, learn how to start a cannabis business, and learn how to get all the permits and requirements. They will also learn how to approach investment sources, as well as cultivate, manufacture, distribute, and retail cannabis.

The Cannabis Business BootCamp will be one of a kind, and many people will be starting a lucrative career that will transform their lives, finances, and experience, in an unmeasurable way. Sponsors include American Energy, Jungle Dirt, and Sequoia Analytical Labs.

About Greenway Commerce

Greenway Commerce is a one-stop solutions company dedicated to providing resources that will help cannabis businesses achieve success and compliance. Over the last few years, they have worked with hundreds of companies in the area of business consulting, strategy, compliance, authorization, and licensing.

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