GreenLiving Shows The Importance of Eco-Friendly Hangers

GreenLiving Shows The Importance of Eco-Friendly Hangers
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GreenLiving helps stores provide more sustainable products for their customers. One of the eco-friendly products that they have is the wooden hanger. This seemingly inconspicuous item is one of the most popular items in any store. But people are growing more eco-conscious. Therefore, they look for products with less negative impacts on nature. They also aim to find products that they can feel good about and are affordable at the same time.

The most common hanger nowadays are made from plastics. Not only they are non-degradable, but these hangers are also brittle. A single drop can break them and make them unusable. But that’s not the case with a sustainable hanger like the wooden one. It’s more eco-friendly since using natural products, is sturdier, and can hold weight better. These hangers also come in various styles and models to fit all customers’ preferences.

Stores looking to sell more sustainable products to sell can look no further as GreenLiving provides the best products in terms of value and price. The company has been distributing sustainable products since the late 1980s. They also have been supplying stores all over the world. GreenLiving primarily provides household items and toiletries products. But they are open to inquiries from the stores if they have other items in the catalog.

As for the wooden coat hanger, GreenLiving is proud to claim that it’s one of their best-selling items. This type of hanger is far more sustainable and eco-friendly. It’s also aesthetically pleasing no matter what the room design is. GreenLiving provides various sustainable hanger types. But most importantly, the distributors will receive the best price for the products.

GreenLiving supports distributors and stores of all sizes. They are open to inquiries for customers who want to order wooden hangers in bulk for further distribution. The company is also open to inquiry on other sustainable products such as recycled plastic and bamboo hanger.

Compared to other hanger products, a wooden hanger for pants will hold the clothes in better shape. They also build for last. In the long run, they are far more affordable.

With the commitment to promoting eco-friendly household items, customers can trust GreenLiving to be their sole supplier. The company already has the experience and can provide the best and most affordable products. They also have a direct connection with the producers. Anyone who ordered from GreenLiving doesn’t have to worry about other middleman costs.

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