Green Roof trays are easy to install, affordable

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Roof trays reduce home maintenance expenses and increase value of property allowing the home owner grow many plants on the roof of their building, utilizing space available

All buildings have a roof and usually this area is covered with tiles or other roofing materials. However, increasingly property owners wish to utilize all the space available to them, and many building owners are interested in having a green roof where plants, herbs or grass is grown on the roof. These flowering, vegetable, and other plants can be harvested for their produce, and they also improve the appearance of the property, adding a touch of greenery. Increasingly people are opting to use Green Roof Trays to grow a green cover for their roof since this is extremely convenient and easy to use method.

Earlier the procedure for making a green roof was extremely complex, since the property owner had to install a roofing membrane, insulation and a root barrier to ensure that the roof was not damaged by the plants which were being grown. They also had to ensure that there was proper drainage, aeration and structural support for the plants which were being grown. This was time consuming and expensive, so most people did not grow any plants on their terrace. Now it is possible to get a green roof at an affordable price, quickly and conveniently using the roof modules and the modular roof tray system. 

There are three different sizes of the roof tray which are available, and the buyer can choose the right size depending on the area available and the plants being grown. All the trays are of length and width 500 mm X 500 mm, though the depth of the trays varies from 80 mm to 200 mm depending on the kind of plants, and their roots which the buyer chooses. These trays are made from recycled Polypropylene, and are treated with chemicals, so that they do not disintegrate when they are exposed to ultra violet radiation. The material used is acid, alkali resistant and can be used for many years decomposing.

The well designed roof trays have proper drainage with a gutter, overflow tray to ensure that no water will accumulate if there is heavy rainfall. The trays also have a provision for retaining up to 1800 ml of rainwater, so that the property owner does not have to water the plants separately after rainfall. Since the tray will absorb any rainwater or drain it away, the actual roof of the building will remain dry longer, it will not be subjected to water related damage. The tray will also insulate the roof from the heat, since the plants and soil will absorb the heat, and the building will not get heated. 

The plants form the top most layer of the roof tray, followed by the soil and filter plate. These are placed on the roof tray, and a number of roof trays are assembled together to cover the entire roof. No tools are required for assembly and the roof trays can be assembled quickly. The trays are placed on a small pedestal for better ventilation and drainage. Most property owners are waterproofing their roof to prevent seepage of water into the building, and this waterproof will degrade faster if it is exposed to water and rainfall. These trays will protect the waterproofing, reducing the maintenance expenses. 

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