Green Health Launches to Provide Medical Marijuana Evaluations in Florida

Green Health is a Florida-based clinic that focuses on providing medical evaluations for patients looking to explore the health benefits of medical marijuana.

The benefits of medical marijuana are no longer a mystery and it’s being applied from specialized medical providers and associations across the globe. THC and CBD components from the cannabis plant have been shown to successfully and naturally treat a huge variety of conditions as wide ranging as epilepsy and chronic pain. Positive evidence based research has made medical marijuana a ballot initiative in almost every state. 

Florida recently approved both THC and CBD for medical use in the state.  With several qualifying conditions for medicinal cannabis in Florida, effort to normalize the industry is making quick headway since the passing of amendment 2 on November 8th, 2016. Green Health is a new Florida-based physician’s clinic with multiple locations around the state that focuses on providing the medical marijuana evaluations necessary to receive this life-changing drug.

“Our compassionate care medical offices and services are among the most well established and best reputed in Florida state. So you can feel assured and comfortable that you’re going to be seeing doctors who really care about your well being.” says Green Health. “Our practice has launched because we believe in the efficacy of cannabis and its lack of side effects. Therefore, we want to be a part of bringing patients across Florida with chronic conditions a healthier alternative to what they were using before. We offer beautiful, clean and tranquil environments and guarantee nothing but the best for our patients experience in obtaining your medical marijuana evaluation”

Green Health will then develop a treatment plan and medication schedule for their patients using THC and CBD medical marijuana. The current law requires doctors to have a 90-day treatment process where each patient is evaluated and alternative options are explored. Should medicinal cannabis be the doctors final recommendation after the 90-day period, the patient will receive their recommendation and cannabis order.

Patients with a Florida medical marijuana card may go to a dispensary or have the prescription delivered. The state of Florida currently has seven available “treatment centers” which have the ability to open multiple locations which means many more dispensaries will be opening throughout the state. These dispensaries will provide medicinal cannabis in a variety of forms including edibles, topical, oils and in vaporizer form. Many physicians suggest alternatives to smoking the product through the use of vaporizers, oils and medical marijuana edibles.

Green Health has physical locations and licensed Florida medical marijuana physicians in: Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa and West Palm Beach to help provide natural medical treatment for patients in the State of Florida.

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