Granger Plastics Company: Producers Of High Quality Rotational Molds At An Affordable Price

Granger Plastics Company: Producers Of High Quality Rotational Molds At An Affordable Price

NOVEMBER 6, 2020 – MIDDLETOWN, OHIO – Granger Plastic Company is a one-stop rotational molding or rotomolding resource company, offering holistic turnkey solutions from start to finish of any rotational molding project. 

Granger Plastic Company offers various rotational molding services ranging from mold design to mold creation to product packaging and drop shipping. Granger Plastic Company has the requisite expertise and capability to deliver a first class rotomolding job to more than satisfy new and existing clients. 

A mold is the tool required to make rotational molding products, there is no product that can be made without a mold. Molds are usually designed and built according to required specification of the intended product wanted by the client.

An error during the design and making of the mold will lead to failure in the rotational molding process. There are very few rotational companies in North America to make molds because of the capital and technical outlay it requires, Granger Plastic Company is one of the few companies that does and they are super reliable efficient when it comes delivery.

Granger Plastics Company helps clients with design and modifications to the intended products from start to finish bringing about a better product. Rotational molding unlike other plastic production processes allows addition of special features to product design.

Special features like aluminum extrusions, molded-in thread inserts and molded-in steel tubing are incorporated in to the rotational molding design making the client’s rotomolding product a better one.

Secondary Trim and Assembly

Granger Plastics Company will perform as much trimming and assembly as required by the client on a particular project. 

Custom Rotational Molding

Granger Plastic Company offer customized rotational molding services tailor to suit clients’ specific needs. The company understands that most o their clients are manufacturers whose requirements differ from one another, so it offers the specific rotational molding service specific to each client.

Here are some of the reasons why doing with Granger Plastics Company is a wise decision

All Rotational Molding Stages Are Done In-House

Every stage of the rotational molding process from start to finish is done within the Granger factory. The benefits of this is two old, it allows for close supervision, allowing for early detection and prevention of any potential flaws and it cuts costs of outsourcing production stages to other companies.

Responsive and Responsible Client Relationship

Granger Plastic Company believes that courteous and responsive interaction with present and potential clients is non-negotiable. The company understands the importance of communication and it has highly trained and professional staff to attend to all customer queries whether via telephone call, e-mail or via the website.

Affordable Production Costs

Finding a balance between quality products and affordable price is usually difficult; fortunately, Granger Plastic Company has found the balance.  They offer high quality rotational molding products at very competitive prices.

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Competent and Capable Staff

Along with investing availability o the requisite machinery to make quality rotational molding products, Granger Plastics Company can also proudly state it has the most capable, efficient and professional staff.

No matter how complex the project, the company has people with years of experience in the industry to do a great job making prospective clients return for more projects. In fact, the company prides itself in undertaking complex projects that have wide-reaching impact because of the faith it has capability of its staff.

About Granger Plastics Company

Granger Plastic Company is a rotational molding company based in Ohio, USA. They provides quality and industry leading custom rotational molding solutions to manufacturers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) globally.

The company has been a leading force in the business for over 25 years. Their office address is 1600 MADE Industrial Drive Middletown, OH 45044. 

Granger Plastic Company give a total one stop solution to all rotational molding problems and provide high quality custom rotational molding production that suits clients’ needs

For more information about Granger Plastic Molding and the services, they offer and to contact them or to get a free quote, please visit their website on

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