Gramuniversity Is Helping Companies Adapt To The Virtual World And Beyond Through Their Courses On How To Effectively Use Instagram

Gramuniversity Is Helping Companies Adapt To The Virtual World And Beyond Through Their Courses On How To Effectively Use Instagram

The most common way that people are sharing their photography, their lives, their stories, and even their music choices is through instagram. It is common to see people everywhere scrolling through instagram. It is now a place of photography and business as people use it for all kinds of purposes. With so many people still stuck in their homes, social media has become ever more crucial than before.

One of the many businesses that can help your business use the platform more effectively is Gramuniversity. Created when instagram was first becoming popular, Gramuniversity is teaching people how to monetize their social media, particularly instagram, to engage followers, attract customers, and much more. The business wants to act as your mentor to scale your business to the next level and increase your base of followers. By teaching you the ins and outs of the platform and how to create content that will attract a following, they can help you make your social media more than just a tool for fun.

Some of the highlight courses from Gramuniversity include: teaching entrepreneurs how to use instagram to make money and how to grow your following from 0 to 100,000, amongst many other opportunities. One of the many things that separates the Gramuniversity team from others is their ability to raise what they call “genuine followers”. In other words, people engaging with your content on instagram are not bots, but rather real people with potential to interact further with your business.

The Gramuniversity team sees their courses and services as an investment opportunity in your business. Now more than ever, it is crucial to have an online presence in order to keep businesses afloat, and instagram is an excellent way to do that. Business can reap the benefits that social media provides while engaging customers in a fun and creative way through photography and social media.

The creator of Gramuniversity, Tanner VanValkenburg, is a photographer himself. Dropping out of school to pursue his career, he realized he was not getting a lot out of his day job. He wanted to break free from the nine to five work day in order to enjoy himself and life more than he was. That is why he decided to invest in creating his own large following on instagram, which he did successfully.

“Instagram has changed my life and it can change anyone else’s who is willing to put in the time. You don’t have to even show your face to make more than a doctor on instagram. This business is for the people who want the freedom of working while they travel and being about to be your own boss,” Tanner says.

The goal for the Gramuniversity team is to continue to do what they do best and continue to help other businesses with their social media content. To find out more about Gramuniversity, you can check out their website here.

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