Grammar Chic, Inc. Refutes Claims from Content Marketing Skeptics

In a new statement to the press, Grammar Chic, Inc. argues that many common content marketing criticisms miss the point completely.

For as long as content marketing has existed, there have been naysayers. A majority of business owners and marketing professionals will readily affirm the value in brand-enhancing content—but there are always whispers from skeptics, arguing the entire content marketing premise is little more than hot air. According to Grammar Chic, Inc., however, this skepticism is founded in basic misunderstandings; in a new statement to the press, the Grammar Chic team defends content marketing from its detractors.

“There are many reasons why naysayers believe content marketing to be ineffective,” comments Amanda Clark, the founder and Editor in Chief of Grammar Chic, Inc. “Perhaps they’ve failed to implement it properly. Perhaps they’ve set the wrong goals. Or perhaps they fundamentally don’t understand what content marketing is meant to achieve.”

Content marketing is often dubbed “selling without selling.” By offering valuable information—such as guides, tricks, tips, and how-tos—businesses can cultivate thought leadership and build consumer confidence. The merits are numerous. Content marketing helps with SEO, fortifies online reputation, and improves brand loyalty.

“To reap any of these benefits, you need a good, baseline understanding of what content marketing is and what it isn’t,” Clark says. For example, content marketing is best understood as a long-term investment—not something likely to yield overnight results. Content marketing also hinges on original content creation and on the free giveaway of value-adding information. “When you get any of those elements wrong, don’t be surprised when your efforts fall flat,” Clark remarks.

Additionally, Clark argues, it’s important to avoid a cookie-cutter approach to content marketing. “What works for one business may not work for yours—but that’s not a failing of content marketing per se,” says Clark. “It’s always important to tailor your efforts to your business, and to your audience.”

Finally, Clark warns against a haphazard approach to content marketing. “Sending the occasional tweet or posting a monthly business blog doesn’t qualify you as a content marketer,” she says. “It’s important to set goals and put a system in place to meet those goals—and that includes tracking your results, as well.”

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