Grammar Chic, Inc. Advises Small Business Owners: Not All Website Content is Created Equal

According to a new press statement from Grammar Chic, Inc., not all website content is effective; planning and execution matter a great deal.

Marketers are fond of saying that “content is king”—and most small business owners have internalized this message. The value of well-written online content is not disputed; in fact, more and more entrepreneurs are coming to view written website content as a key piece of marketing collateral. What is often left unsaid, however, is that not all website content is equally valuable; to truly get value from written content, much strategy and care must be placed into the content conception and execution. Grammar Chic, Inc. has released a new statement to the press, reminding small business owners of this very point.

“Simply typing up website content and putting it on your page is not necessarily helpful, especially if the content in question is poorly written, misaligned with business goals, or insufficient in the value it offers to consumers,” comments Amanda Clark, Editor in Chief of Grammar Chic, Inc. “In fact, while content can certainly help your online marketing efforts, it can also hurt, if it’s not leveraged judiciously.”

Website content, Clark says, can serve a number of key functions—offering fodder to the search engine algorithms, bolstering the company’s online reputation, and guiding consumers through the sales funnel. “Good content is written to improve rankings, to make your business appear authoritative, and ultimately to generate conversions,” she affirms.

Yet, many marketers and business owners miss out on these core benefits—and for a number of reasons. “One of the main traps is assuming that more content is always better,” Clark says. “Don’t become overzealous for quantity over quality.”

Another big error is viewing content strictly as a vehicle for self-promotion. “Your website content shouldn’t just be one giant ad for your company,” Clark says. “To engage users, you need to educate, inform, and ultimately offer value. Always ask: What’s in it for them?”

Along similar lines, thin content can be an impediment. “When you write skimpy content that doesn’t provide substance or solutions, it not only ruins your SEO prospects, but it can also damage your online reputation,” Clark cautions. “Thin content makes your business appear less authoritative and less professional.”

Above all, content should develop relationships. “A potential customer wants to feel like he or she can trust your business—and to generate that trust, you need content that is factual, information-rich, value-adding, well-written, and easy to read,” Clark summarizes. “The overarching question small business owners should ask is: Does my website content lead to more or less consumer trust?”

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