Gotham Government Relations Expands; Teams Up With Prestigious Law Firm, Aidala, Bertuna & Kamins, as Lobbying Arm

“It’s all about advocacy; whether it is advocacy in the court of law, advocacy in the court of the legislature or executive branch, and advocacy in the court of public opinion, we will use every tool in our toolbelt to win for our clients,” said David M Schwartz, Esq, President of Gotham Government Relations.

By fusing lobbying, communications, social media, and grassroots initiatives into a coherent approach and professionally constructed to achieve its client’s goals, Gotham offers a distinctive way of advocating with the government at all levels, which has proven successful for over 15 years. With an attractive array of essential resources, including seasoned lawyers, communication specialists, and government relations experts, Gotham Government Relations LLC distinguishes itself from other firms.

Schwartz continued, “We have worked hard over the past 15 years to establish our team and track record in the world of lobbying and advocacy, so we are thrilled to announce that we are joining forces with the Law Offices of Aidala, Bertuna & Kamins, P.C. – one of New York’s most prominent and high-profile litigation law firms.”

“Our team at Aidala, Bertuna & Kamins, P.C. is highly skilled and committed to getting the best possible results for our clients. We are powerful, zealous, and passionate litigators. We are thrilled to welcome the Gotham team to our offices in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, 45th Street and Fifth Avenue, and I look forward to my new role as Chairman of Gotham Government Relations”, said newly appointed Chair Arthur Aidala, Esq.

Aidala added, “I am also pleased to simultaneously announce that David M Schwartz, Esq. has been named Of Counsel to Aidala, Bertuna & Kamins, P.C., and he will continue to showcase his talents as a litigator along with running the lobbying practice.”

“We are renowned for advancing cutting-edge solutions that address issues and open up opportunities. Our firm seeks to develop and implement advocacy and communications strategies for a broad spectrum of clients, including governments, businesses, non- governmental organizations, civil society organizations, not-for-profits, U.S. companies, multinational or non-U.S. enterprises, trade associations, coalition campaigns, and private citizens,“ said Denny Salas, recently named Vice-President of Government Relations for Gotham.

Gotham Government Relations announces its expert and passionate team of new and returning members:

  • David M. Schwartz, Esq LLM, Gotham founder, has been named as the new President;

  • Arthur Aidala, Esq, high-profile attorney, quintessential New Yorker, and politico, has been named as the new Chair;

  • Denny Salas, who has had an extensive and successful career in politics, lobbying, and finance, has been named the Vice President of Government Relations;

  • Imran H. Ansari, Esq, a prolific and prominent civil trial attorney, has been named Vice President/Legal Counsel;

  • U.S. Congressman Gary Ackerman, former Chair of the Middle East and Southeast Asia Subcommittee and Vice-Chair of the House Committee on International Relations, is our Director and Congressional Outreach advisor;

  • Stuart Seldowitz, former Director of the National Security Council under President Obama and former diplomat for the U.S. State Department serving during five presidencies, is our Foreign Affairs Chair;

  • Shai Franklin, the former Executive Director of the World Jewish Congress, has been named Director of National Government Relations;

  • Corey Pegues, former NYPD Deputy Inspector, former President and Founder of the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE) Long Island Chapter, Best-Selling Author, and motivational speaker, has been named as a Director of Security & Criminal Justice Initiatives;

  • Antonio Martinez, Esq, named Director of Latin America Outreach;

  • Joan Pelzer named Director of Marketing;

  • Charles Ribando, the former supervisor of the Joint Terrorist Taskforce, Deputy Nassau County Executive, and Executive Chief of Investigations at the Nassau DA’s office and NYPD, is our Director of Intelligence;

  • Matilde Tysz, a business executive, has been named our Director of Compliance;

  • Stephen Graves, a former data technology and block-chain executive is our Data and Technology Advisory Chair;

  • Anna Nuler has been named our Government and Public Affairs Manager.

For more information, visit Gotham Government Relations’ website at and profiles of the entire Gotham team at

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