Gopi Menon’s Back To God, Away From Religion Offers A Joyful Alternative To Organized Religion

In Back to God, Away from Religion, author Gopi Menon dispels common myths about life, God, happiness and religion to offer a practical blueprint for creating a happy, fulfilled life in the present.

Gopi Menon is the multiple award-winning author of Daily Happy Living; The GOD Soliloquy; Back to GOD, Away from Religion; Papa Bear’s Happy Parenting Rules; and the forthcoming, Why Most Prayers are Not Answered. He has been recognized with numerous international literary awards including a Readers Favorite Book Award and a Global Book Award.

A self-proclaimed contrarian thinker, Gopi asks a lot of uncomfortable questions about traditionally accepted practices such as religion, ritualized prayer, God, the afterlife and more.

As the founder of the Joycentrix System for Happy Living, his mission is to help people live intentional, purposeful lives filled with joy.

This one-on-one interview shares Gopi’s background and experience writing Back to GOD, Away from Religion.

Tell us about Back to GOD, Away from Religion.

After 60+ years of fervent seeking, I realized a great truth: “All religions are man-made, and not God-ordained, and since man is not perfect, ALL religions are flawed.” 

Therefore, religion is NOT the best way to God or life. The best way to a happy, fulfilling life is to look within.

Back to GOD, Away from Religion shares my soul-searching, inner journey for Truth about life, God, happiness and religion. In the book, I explore answers to universal questions and topics to help readers trust in their God-given powers of mind and free-will (together with access to the Universal Mind) to create a joyful, purposeful life in the present, on this earth.

Our souls took on this life form in order to experience, learn, love, enjoy, and grow. The best way we can fulfill that purpose is to live fully: to think, to feel, and to experience enthusiastically with our whole heart and mind and soul. If we live a good and happy life in this dimension, we will surely be promoted to a higher dimension in due course. So, just by living and living well, we are already on the path to salvation!

What inspired you to write Back to GOD, Away from Religion?

As a child, I had many questions about life, God, this world, and happiness.

However, none of my questions were answered to my satisfaction—neither at home by my parents, nor in schools by my teachers, nor by my gurus in their books or sermons.

But, I never gave up seeking!

My search for answers inspired a lifelong quest for the Truth which I have come to better understand and now hope to share through my writing.

Although I was always passionate about writing, it wasn’t until I faced a near death experience that I finally got around to doing so. While in an ambulance that took three hours to get to the nearest hospital, I vowed that if I survived, I would publish a book. 

This experience motivated me to finally write a book at the age of 70!

Ultimately, through my work, my mission is to inspire readers to achieve their full potential, in this present known world. You don’t have to waste your life anxiously in worry of what comes next, you have everything you need to create a joyful reality right now.

How did your background and experience influence your writing?

I inherited my interest in reading and writing from my parents. While I was born in Malaya (now Malaysia), both of my parents were from Kerala – a state in India with a 100% literacy rate! They were both fluent in English and Malayalam, and my mother excelled in Sanskrit and Tamil too. She began teaching me to read and write at the age of three.

When I was six, I attended a Catholic school. This is where my love affair with the English language began. I read whatever I could get my hands on, everything from children’s books and adventure stories to comics and illustrated picture magazines.

My interest in philosophy was sparked by my father reading Swami Vivekananda’s books aloud. This awoke my interest in philosophical questions about happiness, life and living!

What is one message you would like readers to remember?

The one message I hope reader remember is this:You have been gifted with the Divine potential to make your dreams a reality! You have been provided with the tools you need to do so—namely your mind and body, together with access to Universal Mind. Universal Mind is the storehouse of all knowledge – past, present and future. It provides you with synergies and synchronicity – the ‘lucky breaks’ you need to achieve your fondest goals. Thus, you don’t need religion or ritual prayer. All you need to do is to set your goal or destination (similar to a GPS navigation system), and Universal Mind will guide you towards your goal through promptings (your intuition). This will enable you to live without fear of this world or the next, so you can learn, love, enjoy, and ultimately, grow!

Purchasing the Book

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