Good partner for start-stop system – See DF battery to help car owners open a low-carbon life

Under the concept of low-carbon life, new energy vehicles have become the focus of research and development of car companies in recent years, but the actual situation of the current development of new energy, fuel cars still occupy a large market share. How to practice low-carbon life in the short term, many car companies will be energy-saving effect of the start-stop system widely used in fuel models.


DF Storage Battery

Compared with ordinary models, the biggest advantage of vehicles equipped with start-stop system is fuel saving. Start-stop system can reduce the fuel consumption when the vehicle is idle, when the vehicle encounters congested road, the larger the displacement of the model fuel saving effect will be more obvious. Low fuel consumption, exhaust emissions are naturally less, and play a positive role in ecological protection.

Start-stop system has advantages, there will be some small defects. For example, when the traffic jam, frequent start-stop will make the drive and the people sitting in the car feel the stuttering feeling of walking and stopping, affecting the comfort of driving. If the starting speed is one step different from others, the process of following the car may be cut in line by other vehicles, which affects the driving mood. Although the automatic start-stop vehicle will be equipped with a special high-capacity battery, but it is easy to cause battery power loss, affecting battery life. How to make the start-stop system to avoid the shortcomings, an excellent battery may play a key role.

Take DF’s ace product, AGM battery, for example, its 3 times deep cycle life gives it a great advantage over other batteries, because it means that the vehicle can continue to have sufficient power in a long idling state. The independent patented shell design and built-in safety valve make the battery safer and more reliable in use; the negative electrode adds carbon materials and the positive electrode adds special additives to give the battery good low-temperature charging acceptability and re-charging acceptability after deep discharge for a longer service life.


In terms of starting, DF’s AGM start-stop DF Lead-acid Battery has more starting power than ordinary batteries, and the CCA can reach 10 times the capacity, ensuring that the vehicle can start easily in low temperature. Coupled with the 24-month long warranty, DF start-stop battery is commendable enough in terms of technology, process level, and after-sales service guarantee. From an overall perspective, DF start-stop battery has the characteristics of longer life cycle, lower maintenance cost, and energy saving and environmental protection, which will definitely become a good “partner” for the middle and high-end models with start-stop system.

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