Go-MaD app encourages cashless payments and faster services for dining in a restaurant

Go-MaD is the newly launched app for dining in a restaurant with ease. Designed for the foodies, this app enables the customers and the restaurants to do cashless payments and also allows the restaurants to provide faster and more organized service to their customers. Moreover, the app offers exciting cash backs for the customers when they chose to dine through the app.

Go-MaD is not an in-App purchase app, users can book a table by tapping on any menu of the restaurant in the app and proceed to order their meal when they reached the restaurant. This can save waiting time at the restaurant for queue. The app enables two-way communication which allows restaurants and the customers to interact with each other in real-time. The user can input their arriving time while the restaurants can input the estimated waiting time to let the user know before proceeding with an order. One of the exclusive features of the Go-MaD app is that it doesn’t allow the users to make an order if the restaurant is not open. This saves them the hassle of arriving at the restaurant and finding out that it is closed today.

Go-MaD enables the customers to do cashless and physical cardless payments. The user can conveniently pay through the app and avoid waiting in a queue for the bill. The restaurant will charge the bill amount to users through the app itself and users can leave when they have finished their meal. The concept is like your ride-hailing experience. To like a menu and add it to their profile, the user can click on the yellow big star button on order creation page so that they can easily access to their favorite menu on the user profile.

These app features are also suitable for travelers/tourists because it can be their useful food hunting tools and the important one is they do not need to worry about the exchange for local currency for food since transaction will be done via the app. Go-MaD is aiming to expand globally to bring the convenient dining experience to people worldwide. Global users can download the app and stay tuned for further interesting app expansion update.

The app features in-app messaging and one-button call a function to communicate directly with the restaurants. The users can search for restaurants, book it, dine in, pay through the app and go plus get cash back if applicable. The app features a user-friendly interface which allows the users to search restaurants conveniently and tap each restaurant to see menu, location and estimated waiting time. They can book a table, get their queue number and go to the restaurant for saving time and avoiding hassles.

Currently, in Malaysia, users can use the app for dining at Savini Italian Restaurant which is The Yum List Approved restaurant located at Kuala Lumpur. Users can stay tuned for more participating restaurants on Go-MaD.

So far the app has received good reviews from the users and the developers invite feedback/suggestions from them to make further improvements in the app. It is available for free download at Google Play store; while iOS version will be available on App Store soon!

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