GoldBox, the global payment solution is simplifying the payment processes in the cryptocurrency industry

GoldBox is a leader in providing global payment solutions so that cryptocurrency users can more easily spend on businesses. With this payment solution, the user can use the GoldBox’s gold box application or physical debit card for online shopping. They can use GOX, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies to add prepayments.

In order to innovate, GoldBox is reducing the disadvantages of payment services by making emerging technologies practical for everyday users. The goal is to convert digital assets into national legal currencies by providing credible and secure mechanisms to make transactions more fit the market and vice versa. Consumers can spend a lot of money and also get extra rewards like GOX rewards.

The GoldBox Debit Card can be used for debit card terminals and online payments anywhere in the world. The card can be loaded and reloaded through the gold box and supports contactless (NFC) payments.

In the future, everyone in this world will be able to use the Goldbox wallet, regardless of where they are.

The founding story of GoldBox began with the experience of founders Cui Zhian Luo  Chaoyou, who worked with Texas Bank to gain mortgage loans. Before he started investing in cryptocurrency, he had already advanced to the same bank. In his second loan application, in mid-2017 he included Bitcoin and Ethereum in his assets. The bank had never heard of Bitcoin before, almost stopped cooperating with him when they searched for Bitcoin and learned that “Bitcoin is mainly used by money launderers and drug dealers.” At that time, they saw the opportunity to provide loan products, meet the borrowing needs of cryptocurrency holders, and began to formulate plans for the GoldBox.

Cryptocurrency market observers generally realize that encrypting asset holders needs easy access to loans, not just short-term, fragmented, marginal trading options. This new liquidity may be conducive to scale and reduce volatility, thus establishing a cryptocurrency financial infrastructure as “asset-grade worth” and cryptocurrency itself as “another asset such as stocks, bonds, and artwork.”

GoldBox can allocate global prices to digital assets and take risks for similar risks across borders. Low-cost, encrypted-backed credit can be provided in markets that were not previously available, thereby providing access to cash loans, and eventually expanding economic activity in developing economies around the world.

Although many believe that cryptocurrencies are speculative investments, the earliest adopters of many new asset classes believe they may be more hopeful for day-to-day currency use. The cryptocurrency is really on the upswing and the market value is as high as $1 trillion. However, the cryptocurrency market at the initial stage is still a mixed baggage market. How to resist investment risks and stabilize investment income have become a common problem for cryptocurrency holders.

According to authoritative statistics as of May 2018, the number of digital currencies has exceeded 2000 types. How to properly allocate their own digital currency assets, ensure the safety of funds, and obtain stable gains has become the biggest problem for investors, and in view of this, it is particularly critical to serving digital currency holders to help them manage their cryptocurrencies.

As far as the current speed of digital currency development is concerned, more and more people are beginning to “crunch coins”, but “crunch coins” cannot increase the value of digital currencies. A large number of digital assets slept in wallets and exchanges, and the value of digital assets was not really discovered. But how do you get a fixed incremental gain on the digital currency you hold? This may be what many cryptocurrency holders need. The Gold Box is an asset management product provided by GoldBox for platform users. Users can use the idle currency in the wallet to obtain the currency income of annual expected return.

GoldBox wallet is a cold wallet that provides a brand-new digital asset security solution for blockchains using hot and cold separation. It can guarantee the absolute private key of digital assets (such as Bitcoin) based on digital signatures. Without contacting the Internet, this completely eliminates the risk of the private key being stolen by cyberhackers.

In addition, each user in GoldBox can produce value and can directly sell and purchase the value of production. At this time, value circulation can be settled directly through the digital currency, and even the entire large community can be decentralized. A more diversified multi-currency pattern forms a market-determined conversion relationship with the local currency of the community. More information about the GoldBox ecosystem can be found at

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